Reader Question on Media Attention for Books

I had an interesting question recently from Lisa Romeo, one of our Savvy Pros, and she asks about how to get media attention when you have a memoir. She asks, “As the author of a memoir, if you are NOT looking to become a subject matter expert (brand) on a particular issue, what is the…

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Book Marketing and Publicity – Myth Busted

I trust you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with fun, laughter and plenty of yummy things to eat. Most, not all, but most of us are pretty lucky to have the lives we have and there is a lot to be thankful for. Monday morning comes fast and soon we’ll be back…

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Why isn’t Media Responding to you?

If you’ve been contacting media for some coverage but you’re not getting any responses, here’s a little story to think about. I am working with a client who has a book on how to use creativity and the power of imagination to create an amazing life both at home and in the workplace. For the…

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