3 Phrases that will Stop You from Successful Media Coverage

Most of my Savvy Sunday posts contain very specific action tips on how to get media attention for your books. Sometimes, I find it necessary to address problems or challenges that may keep us stuck or hold us back in some way. Today is a day like that. To say our world is changing quickly…

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Using Comparisons to Uniquely Position an Author’s Book

Or …  How to Get More Attention for Your Book We have discussed the importance of positioning your book many times before…and for a recent refresher, read this, but there is always something new to consider. Another fantastic way to position your book, and tell potential readers what your book is about, is through comparisons.…

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How to be a Successful Author Doing Media Interviews

During my radio broadcasting days, I interviewed hundreds of authors. Some were very, very good, and some were very, very bad. Now, as a media strategist who helps authors to become famous, I also have a side project where I am the booking producer for an in- demand, popular podcast. Guests who pitch the show…

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