Authors Have Better Book Sales Through Speaking

Getting on the speaking circuit continues to be a great way to get your message out publicly and to move books. There are a number of different strategies that can be used…which ones you ultimately decide upon depends on the subject and your business goals. Here are a few of them: However, none of these…

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Authors! Get Media Coverage Now – Bigger is Not Always Better

I have been thinking a lot about books and media and how to break though the deafening noise that surrounds us on a daily basis. In radio we had a saying: “Less is more,” and that is as true today as it ever was. Whether is talking on the air, while talking about your book,…

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How to Find and Connect with Media and Influencers

Last week I shared with you several key points on how to get media coverage, calling it, “How to get noticed when no one knows who the hell you are.” It’s also the title of my current key note talk and my new book because so many people have this question or a variation of it.…

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