Do You Read?

It’s a funny question to ask writers and authors because of course they do! (Ask authors if they write articles and guest posts and often it’s a different story though — even though they write books.)   Readers have many things in common: We can’t walk out of a bookstore without buying some treasure (Usually).…

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Podcasting Versus Broadcasting: What’s the difference?

Most act as if radio and podcasts are the same. They aren’t. Let’s begin with a simple definition: A podcast is a discrete downloadable recording of a show, usually a talk show. Radio is a continuous, real-time, mutually shared experience, always there, which you can join and depart and rejoin again any time you like.…

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Some Hard Pills to swallow in Book Publicity & Marketing

Clients want to know the numbers media outlets draw. Fabulous; Me too! Part of my job is to keep up with that since numbers are always changing, but what isn’t always said is the reason why the client wants to know. Occasionally, it’s because they want to judge if that outlet is worthy of them,…

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