Book Marketing and Publicity is Demanding and Energizing…Like Working Out and Fitness

It’s amazing how much writing, marketing and publicizing a book can be compared to working out. When we first have the fabulous book idea, or we finally decide to drop that that extra 15 pounds, it creates desire, momentum and enthusiasm that fuels action. We set up a time to write every day. We decide…

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7 Rules to Follow BEFORE You’re in Front of the Camera

Helping authors to get famous often includes being in front of the camera. It’s a great opportunity but it’s always better to be ready before it presents itself, rather than waiting and learning when you’re on the hot seat. Whether you’re a newbie at interviews, or you’re a savvy pro, whenever you have a new…

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Why Podcasting May Be the Next Best Publicity and Marketing Tool for Authors

If you want to be successful with your book or you want your clients to be successful with their books, then curiosity for discovering new avenues for promotion and publicity is critical. While some become burdened with overwhelm at the mere thought of this, you must be persistent and willing to learn new things, especially…

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