How to Crack the Goodreads Code

Some know this, but many are blissfully unaware of a wonderful book platform called Goodreads. Goodreads is a fantastic tool for promoting books, but many don’t use its best features to get the best bang from it. Well, that’s about to come to an end. I had the privilege of interviewing Michelle Campbell Scott when…

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How To Get A Book Agent or How Does the Book Industry Work?

Whether you are a published author or simply thinking about writing a book, the question on whether to have an agent secure a publishing deal for you, or if you should self publish always comes up. Before making an informed decision, it’s helpful to have more information about it.   To that end, I conducted…

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Set Directions, Not Goals for Your Book Publicity & Marketing

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece on why I hate goals. You can read it here. Then, I wrote a piece in response to all the feedback I was getting, and that one is here. It got me to thinking about the whole process of setting goals. Some of the more negative…

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