Book Marketing and Publicity During the Month of May

Happy May Day! Well, almost. It’s officially April 29th when this posts, but May is almost here.The first day of May has been observed as a holiday since ancient times. Spring festivals, maypoles and maying are still common around the world. As we look to Chase’s Calendar of Events, here is what May also represents:…

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Looking Good on Camera When You’re an Author with a Book

I’ve heard it said that every one of us is within a couple of feet of a camera — sometimes multiple cameras. Stop for a moment and take inventory. Where is your phone? Where is your laptop, your iPad, your desktop? How many cameras are within arm’s reach? If you’re like most of us, cameras…

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How to Stand Out From Other Authors and Speakers and Attract Media Attention

    I’ve shared before about the importance of sound bites, and I’m coming back to that topic for two reasons: #1: It’s critical to understand them and create them #2: I’ve identified the speech patterns to play off of while creating your own sound bites. But before that, what exactly makes a good sound…

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