A Behind the Scenes Look at Media Interviews

Whenever you do any kind of interview, things can go wrong. This is not to be negative or throw a wet blanket on the experience; it’s more to prepare you so that when “surprises” do happen, you’ll be ready. Whether you’re doing a radio interview or podcast, a Skype or Zoom interview, or you’re doing…

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The One Question Media is Always Asking About You

Now that I’m reviving my podcast, I’ve been interviewing many media insiders about their work and media in general. It’s one of my favorite subjects and I’m always interested in how things are changing. Media tip for the day:  There is one question every media person has on his or her mind when they hear…

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What Does a Publicist Do? And Do I Really Need One?

These are questions I hear fairly often. Authors will ask me what exactly does a publicist do? Is a publicist really necessary anymore? It’s a fair question. After all, the person asking is busy building networks and a platform, why do they need to hire a publicist to get them media attention and visibility when…

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