Reader Question on Media Attention for Books

I had an interesting question recently from Lisa Romeo, one of our Savvy Pros, and she asks about how to get media attention when you have a memoir. She asks, “As the author of a memoir, if you are NOT looking to become a subject matter expert (brand) on a particular issue, what is the…

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Authors & Speakers: Your Words Must Have Impact to Move Us

If you want to break through the deafening noise that is our world today…If you want to stand out from all the others who are just making noise, then you must have impact. You must be able to speak about your book and its message in a way that moves people. This seems obvious, but…

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6 Additional Tips for Authors and Speakers

Last week we discussed the opportunities available for authors who get on the speaking circuit along with a number of different strategies for book sales. They’re still listed on my blog, so I won’t repeat myself here. However, I do have a few ways for you to repurpose your speeches so that they continue to benefit you…

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