3 Phrases that will Stop You from Successful Media Coverage

Most of my Savvy Sunday posts contain very specific action tips on how to get media attention for your books. Sometimes, I find it necessary to address problems or challenges that may keep us stuck or hold us back in some way. Today is a day like that. To say our world is changing quickly…

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When it comes to putting together an online press kit, there is no “one way is the right way.”  However, these suggestions will have you looking like the pro you are. First you need a press release for your book/product/event/cause. Tips on Writing a News Release: For Immediate Release Contact:  Your name, number and email…

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Capture National TV Coverage Secret: Create Visuals

One of the frequent questions I hear beyond how do you build platform that captures online media is, “Can you get me on national TV?” Depending on the author, the book, the topic and the timeliness, the answer is “maybe.” No one can tell you, “absolutely yes” unless you’re either paying for it, e.g., advertising…

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