Book Marketing and Publicity Countdown Checklist (Part 1)

Marketing and publicizing a book can be daunting when you begin to realize all the many different ways you can go about it. How do you know what to do and when to do it? Having a checklist to follow can be a life saver. Much like a checklist prior to taking off in a…

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Getting to Yes Sooner with Your Book Marketing and Publicity

Last week we talked about rejection and how to handle the “nos” you’ll get when working to publicize your books. (You can read it here.) Ultimately, we want you to receive plenty of coverage, so to improve your chances of getting to yes sooner, do the following: Send a great first pitch: Seems obvious. You’d…

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How to Handle Rejection from Media Regarding Your Book

Marketing: When it comes to marketing your book, you are in control. You get to decide what gets promoted and what gets covered. Publicity: With book publicity it takes a little more elegance, creativity, persistence, and hutzpah to get coverage. You’re dependent on someone else to say yes to helping you. In order to do…

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