Set Directions, Not Goals for Your Book Publicity & Marketing

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece on why I hate goals. You can read it here. Then, I wrote a piece in response to all the feedback I was getting, and that one is here. It got me to thinking about the whole process of setting goals. Some of the more negative…

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Don’t Play Hard to Get with Book Marketing & Publicity

I’ve written about what to put in your media newsroom on your website before, so I won’t go into all those details now, although you can read more here.   As always, contact information not only important, it is essential. If you want to do media interviews, make it easy for journalists, reviewers, editors, producers,…

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33 Powerful Tips to Max Your Radio & Podcast Interviews

As a leading book publicist for almost 23 years, I have booked interviews for my clients on literally thousands of radio and podcasts. One thing that was true then, and is true to this day: radio and podcasts sell books. Of course, you as the author have to know how to deliver during that interview…

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