Staying on Track with Your Publicity and Marketing Plans: Sometimes taking a break is the best next action

I work with many different types of clients and one thing they all have in common is that they are very busy people who are up to something in the world. Most of the questions I get have to do with how to secure media coverage, how do we create more compelling and hooky titles…

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Being “Authentic” with your Book’s Message

Now that social media is a huge part of how we communicate these days, and because building your platform is a key element for visibility, the word “authentic” is being bandied about, but what exactly does that mean? Mirriam-Webster lists several definitions, including these two: not false or imitation :  real, actual < an authentic cockney accent> true to one’s own personality,…

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Tie your book into news events, or wait?

As I write this blog post, protests are being planned in cities throughout the United States. I don’t get into politics on my blog because there countless places dedicated to that (and, quite frankly, I’m getting weary from it all), but this is a perfect moment to address an issue when marketing and publicizing your…

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