Podcasting Versus Broadcasting: What’s the difference?

Most act as if radio and podcasts are the same. They aren’t. Let’s begin with a simple definition: A podcast is a discrete downloadable recording of a show, usually a talk show. Radio is a continuous, real-time, mutually shared experience, always there, which you can join and depart and rejoin again any time you like.…

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Book Marketing and Publicity for the Month of August

Welcome to the heart (and heat!) of summer! Hope you’re finding a way to stay cool at this time of year. Of course, we have some readers in the Southern Hemisphere, so to you we hope you’re staying cozy and warm! For those north of the equator, there’s sunshine and heat all around us making…

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Staying Relevant with Book Publicity and Marketing

During a recent flight, I was catching up on reading social media posts when a response to a question caught my eye. I don’t remember the exact question now, but I do remember the answer because it was wrong.   Mind you, it was exactly the right advice…4 years ago.   And if I give…

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