Book Publicist or Media Strategist

It really is about time to change the definition of what a publicist is, because I have to tell you in the last 20 years the work I do on a daily basis has changed dramatically. It’s very common for new authors to think, “Ok, I’ve written the book. Now I’ll hire a publicist and…

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Holding You Back from Doing PR

  What holds people back from doing PR? Find out what that is and how you can overcome it.   Hey, let’s find out how media savvy you are!  Click here to take the assessment.

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Think About What You Want —

Not About What You Don’t Want: Book Publicity and Media for Authors … As I’ve mentioned before (and I’m sure I will again), when it comes to getting media coverage for your book and your message, it all comes down to mindset. Of course, then you have to take lots of action, but until you are…

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