Book Marketing and Publicity Countdown Checklist Part 2

Last week we discussed part 1 of the Book Marketing and Publicity Countdown Checklist. If you missed it, you can read about it here. Today, looking at part two. When it comes to marketing and publicizing your book, having a list can really help. This week, we’re taking the next step. Four months before publication:…

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Think About What You Want —

Not About What You Don’t Want: Book Publicity and Media for Authors … As I’ve mentioned before (and I’m sure I will again), when it comes to getting media coverage for your book and your message, it all comes down to mindset. Of course, then you have to take lots of action, but until you are…

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More Media for Authors Through Event Creation

We all know that February is the month of love with Valentine’s Day falling on the 14th. President’s Day is also this month. (Extra points if you know which Presidents and the actual dates their birthdays!**) But February means more than that, and it can mean more ways to promote your book, too. February is…

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