Why Rejection Can Be a Good Thing

Welcome to Rejection. Stay Strong. I have been debating on which title to use for this issue. Other contenders include: Why Rejection in Book Publicity and Marketing can be a Good Thing What to do when your book pitch is rejected When No doesn’t Really Mean No Hearing NO can be the greatest challenge Hearing…

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What is media?

Publicity and Marketing Distinctions and Opportunities   I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. An argument can be made that everyone is the media these days. Let’s take a moment and break this down. For years I’ve made the distinction between “You Media” and “Earned Media” but we need to expand this even…

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Book Marketing and Publicity for the Month of September

Are we really barreling toward September, already? Where did the summer go?!   It happens every year. Summer flies by and we’re suddenly facing another fall. For me, personally, I love basking in the summer sunshine by playing in the garden and swimming in a cool pool of water, but I also enjoy the change…

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