Don’t blow it now! Three Tips to Make Sure you’re a Success with Media

You’re getting interviews. Congratulations. This is what you’ve wanted and what you’ve worked for. You are ready to get your message out into the world, so it’s important that you don’t blow it now. Here are some very important tips that will help you navigate the world of media. Tip #1: Every email, every call,…

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How to Stand Up and Stand Out: Getting Attention for Your Book Through Media

Never before in the history of the world has it been so easy to stand up. The trick is how are you going to stand out? I mean really. Think about it. Anyone can build a platform, write a book, and create a business these days, providing he or she has a good idea and…

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What happened to that podcast?

Once again, I am reminded that it’s good to make marketing and publicity plans, but one also has to be open to being redirected. You see, by now my re-launched podcast was supposed to be live.  (You may remember, I’ve mentioned it a couple of times over the past two months or so.) I imagine…

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