Why isn’t Media Responding to you?

If you’ve been contacting media for some coverage but you’re not getting any responses, here’s a little story to think about. I am working with a client who has a book on how to use creativity and the power of imagination to create an amazing life both at home and in the workplace. For the…

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6 Additional Tips for Authors and Speakers

Last week we discussed the opportunities available for authors who get on the speaking circuit along with a number of different strategies for book sales. They’re still listed on my blog, so I won’t repeat myself here. However, I do have a few ways for you to repurpose your speeches so that they continue to benefit you…

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Authors! Get Media Coverage Now – Bigger is Not Always Better

I have been thinking a lot about books and media and how to break though the deafening noise that surrounds us on a daily basis. In radio we had a saying: “Less is more,” and that is as true today as it ever was. Whether is talking on the air, while talking about your book,…

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