Shhhh….It’s Time for Some Publicity Secrets

As you’re watching the news, reading articles or seeing guests on the talk show circuit, it was most likely pitched by someone like me or you — unless, of course, the story is hard news. Hard news events are events that can’t be controlled, e.g., hurricanes, shootings, accidents, etc. Usually they’re the first portion of…

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Hiring a publicist — Should You or Shouldn’t You?

People contemplate everyday whether or not they should hire a publicist. I am fond of saying it isn’t rocket science or brain surgery, but there are some real advantages to hiring someone to help you with media coverage. Here are a few of them: They have the contacts (and if they don’t, they aren’t the…

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How National Media can Improve your Reach and Visibility in New Markets

We’ve all heard the cries that the media is dying but is that really the case? Yes, things are changing, forms are changing, viewing habits are changing, the devices we use are changing, but the truth of the matter is that media has been in the process of integration for a number of years now,…

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