Top 7 List of the Biggest Mistakes Writers and Authors Make and What to Do Instead

So what do you want in 2014? Aside from the usual, “I’m going to lose weight and get fit” resolutions, is this the year you are finally going to get that book written? Statistics suggest some 82% of Americans want to write a book, yet many never actually do it. Why? Or maybe you’re one…

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Building Relationships

Actually, this one may be the #1 secret. The time to build relationships is before you need them.    

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“Um, so what is it exactly that you do?”

“Um, so what is it exactly that you do?” I get asked that question a lot, so I figure it’s probably about time that I explained what exactly a publicist is and how he or she may be able to help you meet your goals in terms of media and exposure. You see, some confuse…

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