Media BOOK Camp

Attention: Authors, Coaches, Speakers & Entrepreneurs ~

If you have a book or you’re thinking of writing a book, I can show you how to use the power of the media to get your book and its message out there with tons of publicity so that your audience finds you!

Brian Tracy

I would strongly recommend Joanne McCall to anyone who is seeking an exceptional publicist who can raise their profile and get them better known in critical markets.” ”

                  ~ Brian Tracy, Author    




Dear Entrepreneur and Author (or future author),

Do you have a book with an important message that must get out into the world?

I can help you with that.

Are you in the process of writing a book, or you’re considering writing a book but you’re unsure what to do next?

You wonder whether you should get an agent and a publisher, or try self publishing?

Should you go POD or use a hybrid publisher?

I can help you solve that problem.

You’re smart and you want to be strategic about how to launch your book and get media coverage for it.

I can help you with that.

You want to create a bigger platform and a much bigger audience reach, but you’re not sure how to go about it.

I can help you solve that too.

You dream of being on The Daily Show, Oprah’s Soul Sunday, or the Today Show, but is that really possible? And, if so, how do you go about making that happen?

“Having Joanne’s insider information and up-to-date guidance is critical to your success through the media. This was a smart decision for us and it was easy to see that without this training our chances of succeeding would have diminished greatly. If you are reaching for the stars, grab this valuable opportunity and sign up today!”   ~ Jon & Terrie Hull

You can do this and I will show you how!

It’s challenging to take action and make your dreams come true when you don’t know the important steps to take, or the best order in which to take them. In fact, what masks itself as procrastination is often simply not knowing what to do next. And so you do nothing. Or you wait and wait and wait for an answer to come.

Wait no longer. You’ve come to the right place.

As a nationally recognized publicist and media insider, one thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that far too many authors and entrepreneurs make the wrong choices about publishing and media when you look at the results they say they want. There are pros and cons regarding every decision along the way, and if you don’t know what they are, it will cost you dearly in terms of wasted time, wasted opportunity and wasted money!

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

That’s because if you’re reading this now, then you know the importance of research and finding an expert who can help guide you. Many people make the mistake of relying  on vendors to help them with critical decisions but those vendors have a vested interest in you buying their products. They are not there to coach you on how to make the best decisions based on the outcomes you have. Your best interest is not at heart; making the sale is. I want to change that so that it’s in your favor.

What if I told you there is a better way?

I want to reach people on the front end. I want to give them the pros and cons of each publishing option and media opportunity so they can make intelligent informed decisions. I want them to use their resources in the best way possible, saving money and time by making the right choices for their situation. I want to help them get fantastic media coverage and exposure through their own content generation so they build their own audience, get more attention, sell more books, and make more money. To do that, I created Media BOOK Camp.

If you have a book, you’re writing a book or even thinking of writing a book, Media BOOK Camp training is invaluable!

“I have been attending “Media BOOK Camp” as offered by Joanne McCall, and I highly recommend this. Each step in this course is comprehensive, interactive and easy to follow. The information, and real time examples offered are absolutely needed for the success of your venture.”  ~  Joyce Wright, Brandon, FL.

I started my career as a radio host and interviewed countless authors and business people about their books. I know what makes a great interview and what makes a ho hum one, and more importantly, I help people with the “how tos” of being a great interviewee. As a publicist, I worked with some of the best out there…Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, Geneen Roth, Dave Ramsey, and many, many others. I’ve done hundreds of different compelling campaigns on a huge range of topics and secured lots of top tier and secondary tier coverage. Now that social media has come into play, strategies for building out your platform and reach are critical.

Beyond the big names I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, authors, and every day business people to really shine and get their message out there in the world. I can help you do it too.

“When I launched my book, Joanne helped me get coverage in Fast Company and other valuable media outlets around the country. It was a great return on investment. I attribute this to her understanding of the changing media landscape, her savvy counsel, and her diligent follow through. It has truly been a pleasure working with Joanne.”   ~ Amiel Handelsman, Executive Coach.

I am so confident that I can help you through this process that I will give you your money back if you don’t feel like you got amazing value from this training.

All you have to do it listen to the modules and do the homework.

Follow my step-by-step advice and you will be on your way to lots of media coverage for you and your book.

“I’m excited that you have decided to work with Joanne because she is spectacular. My book launched late last year and her help and insights have been invaluable.”    ~ Becki Saltzman, author

After working with tons of authors on books of all genres, I’ve uncovered lots of different strategies for getting media attention for your book.

If you’re ready to get going and make this happen, then join me for Media BOOK Camp.


Here’s what you’ll get with the Media Book Camp Program:

  • Component 1: 8 Modules of THE best Media & Publicity training available (scroll down to see details)
  • Component 2: Content is downloadable so that you can keep it forever.

Module 1: The foundation. Your message.

Understanding and being able to articulate how you are unique is critical to positioning and promoting your book.


In this module you will learn:

How to position yourself.  How are you unique.

Old media and New media is passé: Learn the new distinction to be aware of and how to use it to your advantage.

The importance of aligning yourself with others who can help you and how to do so.

Develop that "Media Mindset" that will make you a winner.

Module 2: Publishing Options

There are so many different options and opportunities available now.

Be smart and make the perfect choice for you and your book.

In this module you'll learn:

Working with Agents and Publishers


Print on Demand, or POD


Module 3: Positioning & Key Messaging

It is a noisy, crowded world out there, so in order to be seen and heard, you must position yourself in a way that will make your book successful.

You'll also learn:

The pre-publication publicity process if you have a publisher.

The pre-publication publicity process if you’re self published.

Developing a clear and compelling message.

Develop your key messages, both in your overall work and with regard to your book.

Designing hooks that will grab “Other Media” and “You Media”.

Module 4: Planning

Planning can be fun, particularly when you know the correct steps to take.

You'll also learn:

How to become the expert and brand yourself as such.

Developing hooks if you have a fiction book.

The importance of building your platform and how to do that.

What kind of campaign should you create? National, regional, Local, grassroots?

Online guideline for your book’s promotion--handout.

Module 5: Materials to create

What goes into a press kit?  What about a media room on your website?  Discover what you need to create so that media loves working with you.

 You'll also learn:

 Starting the media outreach process. What do you do?

 Begin building your media list


 How do you get media attention?

 Amazon reviews

 Blogger reviews: how to get them


Module 6: How to create and develop “You Media”

"You Media" is your own content generation. Discover why this is so important and why you must do this first.


You'll also learn:

Building and creating your own media empire

Use social media effectively

Facebook Fan Page vs/ Facebook Group

Let your platform work for you

Look and sound great on video

Exude confidence in front of the camera

How to leverage your own list

How to find your JV partners

Virtual book tours

Module 7: Into Massive Action

Action is how you make things happen. Getting into action is what's going to make your book a success. Here are some fabulous ideas and strategies.

You'll also learn:

Getting endorsements and testimonials

Create an event

Have a book launch party

Creating sound bites

Sound great during webinars and teleseminars

Exude confidence in front of the camera

Getting booked on radio and TV

Module 8: Create that Media Mindset

It all begins first in the mind. You have to first see it to believe it and take the actions necessary.

You'll also learn:

The power of Questions

Using Active imagination

Modeling success

The Five-Minute Daily Confidence Workout



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Ken Blanchard

"Joanne McCall is a delight to work with and kept me very busy with media interviews. She’s fast, organized, well-connected, flexible, and a whole lot of fun besides. If you’re interested in generating more visibility for your product or business, I highly recommend Joanne McCall"

Ken Blanchard, Co-author of The One Minute Manager and Great Leaders Grow