Media Boot Camp 3.0


Attention: Entrepreneurs, Small Business People, Thought Leaders & Consultants

Use the power of the media to build your business, become a respected expert and thought leader, get more clients and customers, and ultimately make lots more money. Get your important message out into the world with tons of publicity so that your audience finds you!

If you’re interested in generating more visibility for your business, I highly recommend Joanne McCall.” Ken Blanchard, The One Minute Manager

Do you have a business or product with an important message that must get out into the world?

I can help you with that.

Are you wondering about the power of the media to help you get your message out into the world? Are you wondering if your business is big enough, important enough, and if your message is enough for them to cover?

I can help you solve that problem.

You’re smart and you want to be strategic about how to launch your media efforts so that you get the most bang from your buck.

I can help you with that.

You want to create a bigger platform and a much bigger audience reach, but you’re not sure how to go about it.

I can help you solve that too.

You dream of being on The Daily Show, Oprah’s Soul Sunday, or the Today Show, but is that really possible? And, if so, how do you go about making that happen?

“Having Joanne’s insider information and up-to-date guidance is critical to your success through the media. This was a smart decision for us and it was easy to see that without this training our chances of succeeding would have diminished greatly. If you are reaching for the stars, grab this valuable opportunity and sign up today!” Jon & Terrie Hull

You can do this and I will show you how!

It’s challenging to take action and make your dreams come true when you don’t know the important steps to take, or the best order in which to take them. In fact, what masks itself as procrastination is often simply not knowing what to do next. And so you do nothing. Or you wait and wait and wait for an answer to come.

Wait no longer. You’ve come to the right place.

As a nationally recognized publicist and media insider, one thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that far too many entrepreneurs and thought leaders don’t understand how to make their message newsworthy. They are not sure how to attract the media and what to do once they have their attention. And without training, their delivery is not as effective and powerful as it could be. This can cost you plenty, not only in time and dollars, but poorly done media can hurt your brand.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

That’s because if you’re reading this now, then you know the importance of research and finding an expert who can help guide you. That’s why I am here. That is my mission: To help you get your message out into the world in a powerful way, and look good doing it!

What if I told you there is a better way?

I want to reach you on the front end of this process. I want you to use your resources in the best way possible, saving money and time by making the right choices for their situation. I want to help you get fantastic media coverage and exposure through your own content generation and that of earned media so that you build your audience, get more attention, and make more money. To do that, I created Media Boot Camp.

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business person, and though leader, then Media Boot Camp training is invaluable!

“I have been attending “Media Boot Camp” as offered by Joanne McCall, and I highly recommend this. Each step in this course is comprehensive, interactive and easy to follow. The information, and real time examples offered are absolutely needed for the success of your venture.” Joyce Wright, Brandon, FL.

Why do I call it Media Boot Camp? I love to do adventure runs and I discovered a natural synergy between working out and working our businesses. To do well with either it takes training and consistency. We have to build endurance and keep trying. Whether training for a run, or getting ready for a campaign, you have to be consistent and persistent in doing the work.

I started my career as a radio host and interviewed countless entrepreneurs about their business and products. I know what makes a great interview and what makes a ho hum one, and more importantly, I help people with the “how tos” of being a great interviewee. As a publicist, I worked with some of the best out there…Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, Geneen Roth, Dave Ramsey, and many, many others. I’ve done hundreds of different compelling campaigns on a huge range of topics and secured lots of top tier and secondary tier coverage. Now that social media has come into play, strategies for building out your platform and reach are critical.

Beyond the big names I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners to really shine and get their message out there in the world. I can help you do it too.

“When I launched my campaign, Joanne helped me get coverage in Fast Company and other valuable media outlets around the country. It was a great return on investment. I attribute this to her understanding of the changing media landscape, her savvy counsel, and her diligent follow through. It has truly been a pleasure working with Joanne.” Amiel Handelsman, Executive Coach.

All you have to do it listen to the modules and do the homework.

Follow my step-by-step advice and you will be on your way to lots of media coverage for your business.

“I’m excited that you have decided to work with Joanne because she is spectacular. Her help and insights have been invaluable.” Becki Saltzman, entrepreneur

After working with tons of entrepreneurs on all kinds of businesses, I’ve uncovered lots of different strategies for getting media attention for your message. If you’re ready to get going and make this happen, then join me for Media Boot Camp.

Media Boot Camp helps you embrace your own celebrity status! It’s time to get in shape and tap into the power of the media to get your message heard. I can help you do this.

What’s Your Investment in the Program?

 Media Boot Camp 3.0 is $997 USD 

Act now and you get it for half price ~ $498 USD


Module #1: How to Make Yourself Irresistible to the Media

The truth is anybody can stand up these days. All you need is a website, blog and social media. In such a noisy and crowded world, the trick is how are you going to stand out!?

  • Claim your expert status.  Oprah
  • Claim your own celebrity.
  • Identify your markets.
  • Brand yourself. Research your niche mates. Find your unique message   and your unique position.
  • The new distinction you must understand in order to get media.
  • Refine your platform for Maximum Media Attention.
  • What media doesn’t want to hear from you.
  • Professional quality of the materials you share.
  • Be available when they come looking for you or you will lose it – they will go on to the next person.

Module #2: Talking the Language of Media

Knowing your key messages and how to think like an editor, journalist or producer will ensure your success with media.

  • Identify your markets. Identify media that supplies these markets.017-092201-010
  • Create and develop your key messages for other media and you media.
  • Create those all important hooks. Why you, why now?
  • Create sound bites for dramatic impact. It’s the sizzle on the steak. It’s the takeaway.
  • Think like a producer. How to put a segment or story idea together.
  • No talking heads. Why you must think in visuals.
  • Press kits. What do you need? How to create the materials.

Module #3: Insider Secrets for Getting Media Attention: Secrets Top Publicists Use

It is a noisy, crowded world out there, so having insider information on how to be seen and heard is critical for your success.

  • Create your media wish list.
  • How social media can help you reach your visibility goals.
  • Create social media campaigns that will reach the right people and the right media.
  • More strategies for connect with media effectively.Red
  • Strategies for building social capital.
  • Media lists. Resource. Which ones are best?
  • Effectively use your own networks to create massive visibility.
  • How to book top, secondary and tertiary tiers.
  • How to pitch.
  • How to start.
  • How to follow up.

Module #4: What to do Once You’ve Captured Media Attention

It’s great to do what it takes to grab attention, but you must know what to do next to make the most of this opportunity.

  • Don’t forget this #1 piece of advice.bullseye
  • Think through your ideas before you reach out.
  • Anticipate needs.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Who is working for whom?
  • I landed top tier media – national TV, a huge website, national print, radio- What now?
  • What to do when you get bumped and other disasters.

Module #5: How to Look and Sound like a Media Rock Star!

You don’t want to blow your brand in the first six seconds of a poorly done video. Learn how to come across as the expert and professional that you are.

  • What works and what doesn’t when it comes to video.017-0591-029
  • Why media training is essential no matter who you are or what you’ve done.
  • Tips on creating great video.
  • How to create your own videos
  • Get video to get local. Get local to get national.
  • Good media training vs. bad media training – or no training at all!
  • Media training horror stories: Don’t let this happen to you.

Module #6: Cracking The Top Tier – National Media!

This is it. The big boys and girls. You can play in arena too and this module will share with you how to do that.

  • How to Book Top Tier National Media.RFImageSet127
  • “Other Media” media training. How It’s different from “You Media” What to do instead.
  • Mock interviews.
  • Why the follow up is key! 5 x or more to connect.
  • When it s not likely to happen.
  • What you must know to come across like a pro.
  • How to stay calm, cool, and collected.
  • How to get them to invite you back!
  • How to be remembered.

“Joanne McCall’s Media Boot Camp is excellent.  I got clear, precise, and practical guidelines for jumping into the world of media with savvy and thus potential success.  – Ragini Michaels, Owner, Facticity Trainings

Massive publicity is now a cinch with Media Boot Camp!

Here’s how it works:

Say, “Yes, I want to take advantage of this awesome opportunity of Media Boot Camp.” Once you do, it will be delivered right to your computer. You’ll receive a welcome email and a link to all the modules and the bonuses.

  • Go through them in order one-by-one at your own convenience, or you can start with one of the bonuses. It is up to you and it is so simple.
  • No waiting for something to be delivered to your door
  • We’re green so it’s good for the environment
  • Each module contains have handouts for you to work with to help you create publicity for your book

What’s Your Investment in the Program?

 Media Boot Camp 3.0 is $997 USD 

Act now and you get it for half price ~ $498 USD

 That’s it!

  • This is a mere drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds, and more likely, thousands of dollars worth of free publicity you’ll be getting.
  • And it’s nothing compared to the high-ticket cost of hiring a publicist which can run $3000 to $5000 per month with a six-month contract!
  • It’s peanuts compared to what it would cost you to buy ads online or in publications.
  • Plus, how much would you save if you could distill your PR efforts down to just a few hours a week?

What’s it worth to you to:

  • Become a recognized leader in your industry? The go-to expert people and the media turn to?
  • Make a big impact by reaching your target market in a big way and helping them improve their lives?
  • Raise your rates because big exposure leads to big money
  • Reach the income and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of

 “When it comes to price point, you can’t afford not to do this program!” Linda Swanson, author.

Publicity is free, but the results are priceless! 

Plus, if you join today, you’ll also get this great bonus:

Here is a little known secret. Sometimes when people land national media coverage, they want to go into hiding. It seems counter intuitive, and most people don’t experience this until they actually land the media. In this bonus, you’ll learn how to embrace your success and move forward, capitalizing on the experience rather than running from it.

  • Claiming your expert status (different techniques for stepping into your confidence.)
  • Techniques and strategies to create powerful, confidence that will attract more media, more clients, and more customers.
  • How to pitch national radio.
  • Pitching national television.
  • How to be a great guest.

Learn how to pitch media, land the interview, and then do an outstanding job delivering during that interview. That’s Media Boot Camp.

 “Realizing the need to market my work, I read every blog post, followed all the twitter feeds, and devoured book after book full of advice. In short, I was drowning in a sea of random strictures, and failing to get the ‘whys’ behind the ‘whats’. The various ideas I tried took far more effort than the results justified. Joanne rescues you from that wild sea. She sets you on a safe platform above it all, so you can view the whole picture. You get the solid foundation needed to understand how things work, and which ones are effective for you. She brings it all back to the basic principles you can grasp. You get the information you need to make smart decisions.

Save yourself a lot of time, money, and heartache. Before you jump in over your head, let Joanne teach you to swim.”  -     Jo Sparkes, Writer   Author of Feedback  How to Give It  How to Get It and The Birr Elixir

I am completely confident that you are going to learn a ton from Media Boot Camp. I’m excited to see your progress. Sign up here. Be sure and take the How Media Savvy are You Quiz so that you have a baseline, and let’s get that publicity for your book!

Are you ready?

* YES, Joanne! I’m ready for the deluge of exposure and attention my book is going to get when I learn and implement the strategies in Media Boot Camp!

I want to become an expert and recognized authority in my field. I want to get tons of media attention. I want to increase my fees because of all the additional exposure and my higher profile.  Let’s get going. I am ready!

“Joanne McCall’s Media Boot Camp is filled with fantastic information on how to make you and your business highly visible, so you become the catch of the year for media interviews! She generously shares all her insider secrets about the changes in media how to market successfully.  What a fabulous program!”  –Shirley Rawson

“Joanne McCall is the sort of publicist who really, truly cares about making your message a hit and will do whatever it takes to get it out there. I’ve been impressed, not only by her tenacity and hard work, but also by her contacts AND her genuinely creative ideas. Joanne is one of those rare publicity people who truly can deliver the goods!” Suzanne Falter, Author

What’s Your Investment in the Program?

 Media Boot Camp 3.0 is $997 USD 

Act now and you get it for half price ~ $498 USD

Kristin Shiffner Thompson

"If you're an entrepreneur or small business owner looking for more visibility online, I cannot say enough great things about the experience of working with Joanne McCall."

Kristin Shiffner Thompson, Owner of Thompson Professional Services