Success Stories

Joanne has helped propel my business from a first-time author to a professional speaker and coach. She guided me through the entire public relations process, coached me to be the best, and secured multiple placements.

The combination of her media relationships and deep expertise have translated into huge exposure for me in Money Magazine, Fortune, The Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune and multiple national radio shows. Joanne is professional, easy to work with and provides clear areas for improvement. She is a hard worker, my best advocate in the media marketplace and continues to do her magic.

Dana Manciagli
Author of "Cut the Crap! Get a Job!"

"Joanne McCall's interview was so packed with priceless information, I had to listen to it two times!! Saved me so much time and money, and also kept me from making the biggest mistakes I could have made with my book! Thank you!" --Laura Rosencrantz, author of Survivor Strong: Beat Cancer One Workout at a Time

Joanne McCall's Interview with Janica Smith

"Joanne McCall is wonderful to work with! Her years of experience and her real understanding of marketing and media are invaluable. She is part cheerleader, part truth-teller. I always felt supported, yet pushed, and I love her collaborative approach. Joanne is really well connected and she makes things happen quickly. If you are looking for someone to take you to the next level and get you out there, I recommend Joanne with all of my heart!"

Patti Clark
Author "This Way Up"

Rick Mathieson

Thanks, Joanne McCall.

You are the best PR professional EVER!

Thanks for your help securing this HUGE placement at Woman's Day magazine. Wow, 1.6 Million readers!

Dana Manciagli
Author "Cut the Crap: Get a Job"

Joanne McCall has helped promote two previous books I have written; I was so impressed with her skills, ongoing communication and integrity that our company retained her to promote our “Living the Dream Tour 2014.”

We traveled across America by bicycle and interviewed 100 successful entrepreneurs for a new book and film series. Joanne contacted us nearly every day and helped arrange interviews with all the top national media outlets (Inc., Fast Company, CNN Money, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg and Forbes) as well as many regional outlets. Joanne loves her work, is very responsive and well connected. If you want to increase your visibility, I would definitely give Joanne a call. You won’t be disappointed.

Mike Glauser
Author, Executive Director -Clark Center for Entrepreneurship

Joanne McCall is a dream come true as a publicist!  She’s savvy, street smart, and not only has deep expertise in her business, but makes a point to understand yours.  She's secured placements for me in the WSJ, TD Magazine, and  Investor's Business Daily and knows exactly what to do to get the press you need to move your book or business forward.  As a debut author, she's nothing short of a treasure and I couldn’t recommend her more!

Donna Stoneham
Author "The Thriver's Edge"

The members of the Agents Round Table (ART) want to thank you for the way you announced the presence of our group to the publishing world last week.  The release you created was smart,  professional and attention getting.  Perfect!  Plus you sent it to all the right people!  This was a very important moment for us and we all felt really good about being in your wise and very competent hands.

Thank you for everything!

Agents Round Table

When I launched my book, Joanne helped me get coverage in Fast Company and other valuable media outlets around the country. We did this through a 'Wave,' which produced a great return on investment. I attribute this to her understanding of the changing media landscape, her savvy counsel, and her diligent follow through. It has truly been a pleasure working with Joanne.

Amiel Handelsman
Executive Coach and author "Practice Greatness: Escape Small Thinking, Listen Like a Master and Lead With Your Best"

Wow, there is so much to know about being successful with media! Joanne and Denise did an excellent job of laying out the basics that are so important to be successful and what to avoid. It takes work and they didn’t pull any punches about it. This was a hands-on, practical, and realistic training that opened my eyes to more of what it takes to be a media darling. I highly recommend this workshop and in particular anything that Joanne McCall does.

Amber Rose Dullea
Thriving with Pain

In training with Joanne I learned that publicity is about visibility and gathering credibility. Joanne has an easy disposition. Her professionalism and common sense lay out strategies to improve your platform to get the best media coverage possible.

Julanne Dalke
Author, "True North"

Hi there... just wanted to say thank you for a super and very informative course! It has really helped me with putting together a plan for what I need to do next year.

Jassy Mackenzie

Thanks for a GREAT interview!

You are obviously a pro!

Miriam Zacharias
VP, National Association of Nutricion Professionals

“It is such a pleasure to work with Joanne. In addition to being highly organized, persistent and incredibly productive, she is creative, fun and thoughtful. Most important, Joanne helped us get A World Gone Social some amazing visibility with national publications. Without reservation, I highly recommend Joanne McCall."

Mark Babbitt

"Joanne McCall is a delight to work with and kept me very busy with media interviews. She’s fast, organized, well-connected, flexible, and a whole lot of fun besides. If you’re interested in generating more visibility for your product or business, I highly recommend Joanne McCall"

Ken Blanchard Ken Blanchard
Management expert & Author of the One Minute Manager

"Joanne McCall is a publicist who knows how to get things done. I highly recommend working with her."

Richard Bandler, Author of Get the Life You Want Richard Bandler, Author of Get the Life You Want
Co-founder Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

"I strongly recommend Joanne McCall to anyone who is seeking an exceptional public relations person who can raise their profile and get them better known in critical markets"

Brian Tracy Brian Tracy
Chairman & CEO of Brian Tracy International

“If you’re considering training with Joanne McCall, I cannot say enough grout things about the experience. If you’re a small business owner, and entrepreneur who’s looking for more visibility with a polished look, then I highly recommend connecting with Joanne McCall. It’s well worth it.”

Kristin Shiffner Thompson Kristin Shiffner Thompson
Owner of Thompson Professional Services

“Joanne McCall has orchestrated my PR efforts. She is the ultimate professional, demonstrating total integrity as she delivers on her promises. I unconditionally recommend her to anyone seeking wider exposure.”

Dr. David Simon Dr. David Simon
Co-founder and medical director of the Chopra Center for Well Being

“Joanne McCall’s knowledge and experience are vast; however, it’s her down to earth humility (despite the numerous big names she has worked with) that makes her so endearing and approachable to work with.”

Laura Kessler Laura Kessler
Speech & Voice Coach

"Joanne McCall is an extremely creative, resourceful, and knowledgeable publicist who knows how to maximize publicity opportunities for her clients in every medium—print, radio, TV, and cyberspace. Based on a year of outstanding service and excellent results. "

Tom Coens
Author - Abolishing Performance Appraisals

“McCall’s deep understanding of marketing, communications, and the media make her a formidable partner for anyone wanting more publicity and visibility. The coaching she provides guarantees both results (many have been top tier) and a level of personal learning you will carry with you always.”

Mary Jenkins Mary Jenkins
Author - Abolishing Performance Appraisals

"We always know Joanne’s call is worth returning. You can bet she’s thought through how an interview can be tailored to inform and entertain OUR listeners, making for very good radio. How does she do it? She’s been on this side of the phone. I worked with her then and always marveled at her ability as the interviewer, to ask provocative questions."

Barbara Scott Sherry Barbara Scott Sherry
Production Director

"The fantastic thing about Joanne is how well she understands the different kinds of media and is able to help our programs at the same time she helps her clients. We always know that when Joanne comes to us with an idea, it’s going to make for a good interview that our listeners are going to love."

John Erickson John Erickson
News Director

“Joanne McCall and her programs offer clear, precise, and practical guidelines for jumping into the world of media with savvy and thus potential success. Worth every penny. Joanne cares about your project, and it shows!”

Ragini Michaels Ragini Michaels
Business owner, Facticity Training

“Joanne’s training was inspiring for me. I feel like this is a new medium for me to promote by business. It helped me feel confident and I would definitely recommend this training to all of you. Thank you Joanne.”

Mary McGill, MA, LPC Mary McGill, MA, LPC
Owner, Heart’s Call

"Love Joanne McCall’s media strategies. She is a pleasure to work with."

Geneen Roth Geneen Roth
Women Food & God

"Joanne McCall is the sort of publicist who really, truly cares about making your project or business a hit and will do whatever it takes to get it out there. I’ve been impressed, not only by her tenacity and hard work, but also by her contacts AND her genuinely creative ideas. Joanne is one of those rare publicity people who truly can deliver the goods!”

Suzanne Falter Suzanne Falter
Founder The Joy Studio

“Joanne McCall did an excellent job of helping me not only hone my message for the sound-bite world of media, but she also helped me put my best voice forward. She did a phenomenal job of targeting specific media outlets, some of which have resulted in multiple appearances, a sure indication of hitting the bulls’ eye. I can’t recommend her enough for future entrepreneurs who need to get their game on for media.”

Rick Mathieson Rick Mathieson

"I found Joanne easy to work with and very efficient with my time and I always knew what to expect no matter what type of media I was on. She did an excellent job preparing me for my interviews."

Maury Fertig Maury Fertig
Relative Value partners, LLC

“Because publicist Joanne McCall understands what motivates members of the press— out of her own broadcasting background—she effectively coaches others on reaching the interests and sensibilities of interviewers. Joanne is supportive of her clients and tenacious in securing publicity opportunities. It truly is a pleasure to work with Joanne McCall.”

Pamela J. Gordon Pamela J. Gordon
President - Technology Forecasters, Inc.

“Working with Joanne is an absolute joy. She is responsive, professional, and extremely well connected. She definitely knows the important people. Without a doubt, she is one of the best publicists I have used.”

Michael Glauser Michael Glauser
Author- Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, University Professor

“Joanne is the perfect matchmaker between clients and media. Her combination of an insider’s viewpoint, boundless energy and true care for the needs of clients (and producers) positions her to deliver results for everybody. I am so glad that Joanne was part of my team. If you want a savvy publicist that gets the job done, and is a joy to work with, then pick Joanne.”

Kim Stezala Kim Stezala
Stezala Consulting

"Joanne McCall gave me new marketing eyes. Her program revealed common mistakes people make and how to avoid them plus offered tools and techniques to become a more polished business expert. Truly an enlightening and empowering training. I highly recommend it."

Linda Swanson Linda Swanson
Founder, Wisdom Wills

"Joanne McCall's Program is filled with fantastic information on how to make you and your business both highly visible, so you become the catch of the year for media interviews!"

Shirley Rawson Shirley Rawson
Stress Relief Coaching

" Joanne generously shares all her insider secrets about media and publicity. What a fabulous program!"

Joyce Wright Joyce Wright

"Just listened to the first session - great info. Joanne's distinction of "you" media vs. "other" media - really helpful. And how we can use what we do with the "you" media to attract attention from "other" media."

Anne Rutherford Anne Rutherford
Speaker, storyteller

“How does she FIND these great guests?  Not only can I count on Joanne McCall for great guests, I can count on her friendly personality, professional demeanor and ability to connect with my goals. You have no idea how hard it is to find all that in one publicist!”

Theresa Caldwell Theresa Caldwell
Get Tips from Joanne