Delightful Surprises

One of the things I love about life is that you just never know what big and wonderful thing is going to happen next. I know we all work really hard; we have goals and dreams and wishes and intentions and it’s fabulous when they come true… But now and then something amazing…something that you…

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What do Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, Dave Ramsey and Geneen Roth have in common?

It’s true for all well-known business people, authors, speakers, consultants and others, who are successful and have influence within their spheres. They all have this in common:  Action. They take action and they do it quickly — even when they’re not sure how they’re going to accomplish whatever the goal or objective is. This post…

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Some of the Top Media No-Nos

Greetings! When it comes to media, there are lots of  no nos one you can commit that will mark you as an amateur forever. And to make it ever worse, unless someone tells you, you won’t even know it. I know, because during my career as a publicist, I’ve probably committed all of them and…

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