December. A Time of Reflection and Action

The month of December is a busy time for most people and their families. It’s also the darkest time of the year during which we have far more hours of darkness that light on any given day — that is until just after the Winter Solstice, which takes place on December 21. After that, the…

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December: Can you only market and publicize your book with a tie-in into the holidays?

Most think when it comes to promoting your book during the month of December that it’s all about the holidays. While it’s true that the holidays are the focus of December, there is more going on than just that. Did you know…. …December is National Write a Business Plan Month? This month has been designated…

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How to Sell Tons of Books Over the Holidays

Thanks to Denise Wakeman for reminding me about National Small Business Saturday. I’ve added it to the  list below! (Note: As a consumer, I don’t like to get into the holidays until the day after Thanksgiving. I just don’t think we spend enough time celebrating the harvest and all the things we’re thankful for. As…

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