Part 2: How Not to be Guilty of this Deadly Sin

In my last blog post we talked about how to come across as the expert you are by using sound bites, particularly when being interviewed in the media. Remember, sound bites are a short cut to get to the point. They are your key messages said in a way that is memorable. It’s no secret…

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How Not to be Guilty of this Deadly Sin

Have you ever been trapped listening to someone who was simply unable to get to the point? It was supposed to be a conversation, maybe at a dinner party or business event, but there was very little exchange and you were on the receiving end of an endless rant or story — looking for a…

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Shhhh….It’s Time for Some Publicity Secrets

As you’re watching the news, reading articles or seeing guests on the talk show circuit, it was most likely pitched by someone like me or you — unless, of course, the story is hard news. Hard news events are events that can’t be controlled, e.g., hurricanes, shootings, accidents, etc. Usually they’re the first portion of…

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