Some of the Top Media No-Nos

Greetings! When it comes to media, there are lots of  no nos one you can commit that will mark you as an amateur forever. And to make it ever worse, unless someone tells you, you won’t even know it. I know, because during my career as a publicist, I’ve probably committed all of them and…

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Media ‘no no’ Tip

Recently I’ve been interviewing many media insiders about their work, and media in general. It’s one of my favorite subjects and I’m always interested in how things are changing. Media tip for the day:  One “media no no” keeps coming up that really needs to be discussed here. You see, when it comes to pitching…

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Build your brand’s visibility through media

How to Stand Up and Stand Out: Building your Visibility through Media Here’s what I’ve been pondering lately… Never before in the history of the world has it been so easy to stand up. The trick is, when it comes to your business, how are you going to stand out? Hint: It isn’t about how…

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