How Not to Suck at Doing Interviews

That “Back to School” feeling isn’t just experienced by kids. Maybe it’s because we once were kids ourselves, but that “back to school” feeling comes up in the fall for pretty much everyone…Back to school, back to work, new beginnings, a fresh new start. I love it.   This makes it a great time to…

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Book Marketing and Publicity for the Month of September

Are we really barreling toward September, already? Where did the summer go?!   It happens every year. Summer flies by and we’re suddenly facing another fall. For me, personally, I love basking in the summer sunshine by playing in the garden and swimming in a cool pool of water, but I also enjoy the change…

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When it Come to Book Publicity and Marketing, You Must Trust the Process

Trust.   You have to trust the process.   If you are an author promoting a book, then you must embrace trust as you lay the groundwork for your publicity and marketing campaigns. You must have trust in yourself, trust in the process, and trust in the person helping you to spread your message. You…

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