Book Publicity & Marketing for the Month of December

I am a traditionalist. I love Thanksgiving and refuse to start thinking of the holidays and Christmas before we all enjoy that big feast with family and friends in November. However, now that December is here, it is full on. (One caveat: When it comes to business and book promotion, we start strategizing for the…

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Influencer Marketing & Publicity for Books and Authors: Don’t Get Hung up on the Numbers

This is a big one.   Quick review: I wrote a piece recently called 5 Tips to Help you Get Better Results with Influencer Marketing. You’ll find it here.   Since then, I’ve been taking each of the 5 tips and building on it, beginning with Tip #1, which is knowing what you want. Tip…

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How Not to Suck at Doing Interviews

That “Back to School” feeling isn’t just experienced by kids. Maybe it’s because we once were kids ourselves, but that “back to school” feeling comes up in the fall for pretty much everyone…Back to school, back to work, new beginnings, a fresh new start. I love it.   This makes it a great time to…

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