“Um, so what is it exactly that you do?”

“Um, so what is it exactly that you do?” I get asked that question a lot, so I figure it’s probably about time that I explained what exactly a publicist is and how he or she may be able to help you meet your goals in terms of media and exposure. You see, some confuse…

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Be Aware of What’s Happening Out There

Warning: Sometimes you need to be aware of what’s happening out there so you can make good decisions for your publicity and visibility efforts. Recently I did what I call a “wave” for one of my program clients. This is where I build a media list directed toward the client’s perfect target market, create an awesome pitch letter and send it…

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Are these 3 Mistakes Keeping you from Being a Media Darling?

As a national publicist and visibility Strategist, I get a LOT of questions from very diverse business owners, authors, speakers and coaches. One of the most frequent questions is this: “I’m very good at what I do and I have an important message to get out into the world, so why am I having so much…

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