Lightning Rod Consultation Sessions

Option 1: Jump Start Lightning Rod Session

This is perfect for you if all you need is one burning question answered in depth, or you need answers to a series of questions on publicity and marketing topics. Get in and get out with your questions answered.

1 Session: 60 Minutes - $350

Option 2: Jump Start Lightning Rod Session*

The Lightning Rod Sessions are a one-on-one opportunity with McCall that goes way beyond the one-hour session that delves into your book, your message, and your platform. We go into depth about publishing your book, building platform, creating a media kit, or planning a publicity/marketing campaign.

This is perfect for you if you need more than an hour and want to be able to put items into action for feedback before the next session. The Lightning Rod Sessions can also be used for me to do the work for you. Three sessions allows you to cover a lot of ground in terms of what you need. They’re spaced apart so you have time to perform the actions before  the next session so you can get  feedback and additional steps.

3 Sessions: 45 Minutes Each - $950 (Single Payment )

2 Payments - $510 Each

Option 3: Deeper Dive Lightning Rod Session*

This is similar to option two except that we have a full nine sessions together for a much deeper dive. We will create a plan and begin to execute that plan which will increase your visibility and exposure. We can add additional elements that will enhance your publicity and marketing efforts, including speaking, online marketing, etc. Time can be spent on planning and strategy, or having me implement the plan for you or a little of both.

9 Sessions: 45 Minutes Each - $2650 (Single Payment)

2 Payments - $1400 Each

*Sessions Must Be Used Within 3 Months For Option Two, And Within 9 Months For Option Three.​
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