Work with me and I'll help you
achieve success

If you are ready to take the next steps toward becoming a Media Darling, you’ll need that extra edge to break through the noise, stand out from the crowd, and be the interview that major media brands want to schedule. Let’s work together and I’ll help you achieve the success you have worked so hard to realize.

Media training opportunities that will
help you land top-tier media

Media Breakthrough Package

If you want to get your message out into the world, you need to listen to people in the industry and you need to understand what is happening at any given time. That's what the Media Breakthrough Package delivers.

Media Strategy
Session 75

Action-packed and specifically designed to attract positive media attention when no one knows who you are. You get specific steps to gain media attention and how to position your book to achieve the success you want.

Deeper-Dive Strategy Session

Delivering a great interview is very different from speaking before an audience or giving a presentation. It does not come naturally. After your Deeper-Dive session you will sound confident, professional, and compelling.

Want to be a guest on a major podcast? The Something You Should Know show is looking for great guests.

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