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The Month of August: Your Bio

Here it is August 2020. How is it possible that time can move so fast, yet seem to drag on endlessly? (Pandemic changes one’s sense of time, doesn’t it…) But August it is, and as

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Do I Really Need a Press Release?

I keep hearing arguments about press releases: Are they still effective? Do you need them? What is the purpose? Are they antiquated? As with any argument, there are multiple sides and the answer to those

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Emanating planet language

Language Matters

Language is such a funny thing because it morphs and changes, and what was once unacceptable becomes acceptable. Rules change over social groups, over time, generation-to-generation, and even within our own lives. Case in point

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How Authors Can Embrace “Free”

“The best things in life are free.” How many times have we heard that phrase? Many times because it’s true. Love, kindness, compassion, understanding — they’re all free. Hugs, smiles, laughter, sleep — all free.

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Tips for Keeping It Simple

Breaking down complex information and ideas into bite-sized pieces that can be easily digested by most people is not easy. If you’re the author of a book on a topic such as science, mathematics, academic

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Your Opinion Matters

Your Voice Matters

We are a nation struggling with two major crises. One, a months-old pandemic that requires physical distancing and has made us feel socially distant, as well. And two, a centuries-old epidemic of racist violence against

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