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Why You Need A Content Calendar

Whenever I begin working with a client, whether it’s one-on-one collaboration, a Media Strategy Session, or in the midst of the How to Become a Media Darling program, one of the very first things I

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What’s Your Book About?

“What is your book about?” Take a moment and consider your response to that question. If you are an author, or working on becoming one, you are going to be asked that question a lot.

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September is . . .

In a world spinning fast with many expecting texts and IMs at the speed of light, and tasks to be completed at a moment’s notice, there are elements of landing media that still take time.

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What Do Producers Do?

When it comes to media, many think only of the talent or hosts of shows, but there are so many more people behind the scenes when it comes to getting a program on the air or

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Many Open Books

What’s Your Story?

Back in the day when I first launched McCall Media Group, I had a lot of intimidating situations to deal with and learn from in order to not only build my business, but to become

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Digital Tips for Authors

Often when I go on social media to see what people are up to, someone is posting something about how much and how quickly our world is changing. For example, a meme that asks, “Who

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Mobile Phone Social

Social Media Update, August 2021

“You should be on every single social media platform out there,” insists one very well-known social media “expert.” Whenever I hear this, I feel my eyes doing an eye roll. The problem with a lot

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How to Prepare for the Success You Want

Authors always want to book more media, grow their audiences and expand their reach. They want more fans and a bigger tribe, yet as we discussed last week, they don’t always embrace the other side

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