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Biggest Mistakes Authors Make

I have had the great pleasure of speaking and presenting during many different events and conferences over the years, and currently am doing so in various online groups and other virtual gatherings. One of which

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Micro Media Connections

Why Smaller Is Sometimes Better

Not long ago I had someone who desires to be an influencer come to me for some help regarding his online visibility. As is the case with many of the authors I work with, he

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October Moon Rise by Joanne McCall

The Month of November for Book Publicity

Happy Halloween (which was actually last night)! Happy All Saints Day! Happy Day of the Dead! And tomorrow it’s Happy All Souls Day! In many traditions, this time of year is considered the time when

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Publicity Checklist Joanne McCall

Publicity Checklist, Part 3

Years ago, I met and developed a good relationship with a producer at one of the top three networks based in New York. Since then, he’s booked many of my clients when they are in

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Publicity Checklist Blue Checkmark Joanne McCall

Publicity Checklist, Part 2

Last week we talked about the importance of checklists. If you missed it, you can read about it here. Following a list of steps on how to complete a task uses far less brainpower than thinking

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Color Pencil Checklist

Your Publicity Checklist

Have you ever found yourself looking for a particular document that you know you have, but you just can’t seem to find it anywhere? I know I have. I think that’s the reason I developed

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