75 Minute Media Strategy Session

Anyone can stand up these days. The trick is, how are you going to stand out?

It’s easy to put up a website, a blog, post on social media platforms, but it is an entirely different story to have an impact, to get people to notice and to make a difference in our world. Information overload is the rule rather than the exception. Never has it been more critical (and difficult) to pierce through the incessant noise, and pierce through it you must if you stand any chance of being heard.

You must stand out. You must be media ready.


In this action-packed, one-on-one Media Strategy Session, we will take you from where you are now, which might be confusion and chaos or simply stuck not knowing the best way to move forward, to understanding and delight when speaking about your book. You will walk away with specific steps for attracting and securing media attention, along with the confidence that comes when you know exactly how to best position your book to achieve the success you want.

A one-on-one Media Strategy Session is designed to get you media attention when no one knows who you are. Here are three key results:

  • Design a message that is media ready  
  • Create hooks and sound bites that can be easily picked up by media
  • Suggestions on which of the 9 media channels are right for you and three key people you need to know.

Once you can do these three things, position message, hook others with valuable and compelling information, and reaching out to the right people, you are well on your way toward the success you’re looking for.

Sign up for a Media Strategy Session today. It’s time to take action and get your message out into the world. If not now, when? Let’s talk. Sign up below. I’m looking forward to working with you!

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