Deeper-Dive Media
Strategy Session

We all want to be influential and help others to understand the importance of our book and our message. Few authors, however, actually develop the skills needed to come across as the savvy professionals they are. Delivering a great interview is very different from speaking or giving any kind of a presentation. It does not come naturally. In fact, those who are the best at it, have had the best training.

This advanced media strategy session covers everything offered in a 75-minute media strategy session, plus more . . .

  • Mock interviews that allow you to get comfortable delivering your key messages in different media scenarios
  • Learn to deliver compelling interviews that influence the audience
  • Master challenging and difficult interviews so that if and when you encounter difficult interviews “out there” they will be fun for you
  • Understand that you’re in charge of the interview and how to take control
  • How to answer questions in a way that makes the host or journalist love working with you
  • Bring the conversation back to your key message when a host takes you off track
  • How to handle a hostile interview
  • When to get off the air
  • How to use verbal Aikido and when it is necessary

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Ready to dive deeper?

No one wants to fail at doing interviews, and the time to learn how to be great at it is before you’re actually out there doing it. I have seen many people deliver a great interview at the end of the campaign. This three-hour deeper dive media strategy session will have you sounding confident, professional, and compelling right out of the gate.

Get your three-hour session now for only $995 US

Learn how to deliver a great interview with confidence

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