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Joanne McCall knows how to help you capture the attention of top-tier national media. This is no small feat in the radically changing world of publicity. As a media insider, veteran publicist, and producer of a major podcast rated in the top 30 of iTunes, she feels strongly that most of how media is sought today is broken or incomplete.

For any committed thought leader, entrepreneur, author, or expert who is ready to go bigger, Joanne provides speaking topics that are helpful in terms of the big picture, and actionable with specific steps you and members of your audience can take today. On a first-name basis with hundreds of the world’s top-rung producers, editors, writers, and journalists, Joanne holds the key to outlets such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, MindBodyGreen, Dr. Oz, and countless podcast and radio shows.

Clients include Brian Tracy, Andrea J. Lee, Geneen Roth, Ken Blanchard, Kristin Thompson, Suzanne Falter, Dave Ramsey, The Deepak Chopra Center for Wellbeing, the co-founder of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler, among many others.

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Capturing the Big Boys and Girls

Why Top-Tier Media May Be Elusive to You and What to Do About It. You’ve done everything you know how to do. You’ve studied media training, you’ve attended webinars, bought courses, even hired an expensive business coach, and still it isn’t happening. Something else may be getting in the way of your success. Before you will ever see fantastic results out there, it is critical to handle whatever may be lurking in the unconscious that may be holding you back. As a master trainer in NLP, Joanne McCall shares tools and techniques that may finally and easily clear the way for you to get the visibility, attention, and major media coverage that you want.

How to Move Beyond Social Media and Your Own Networks to Work with the Big Media Brands. You’ve done pretty well building your own following and community, but notice continued growth is challenging. Often campaigns aimed at subscriber growth are met with just as many unsubscribers. Over the past three years, many thought leaders have come to me with this problem. Learn what they discovered and break through those plateaus and discover how top tier media helps build your list.

Ready for the Big Time?

Land Major Media

Whether You Have a Publisher, or You’re a Self-Published Author, Here’s How! It’s true that there is a bias in the media against self-published authors, although many don’t want to admit this. However, adopting certain strategies, along with proven techniques authors with publishers successfully use, you can increase your chances of landing local, regional and top-tier national media. Both types of authors will increase their reach, visibility, and credibility leading to increased sales.

How to Impress When They Come to Call. It’s one thing to land the media, it’s another to know what to do once you book it. Without this critical knowledge, one can blow it even before the actual interview happens. Discover how to come across as the savvy professional you are in any situation involving media.

You & the Media

Heart-Centered and Caring Thought Leaders

You Can Tap into the Major Media As Well! Naysayers who claim major media is dead are often the same people who simply don’t have the chops to land it. It’s a challenge, but well worth it. Not only can major media lead to increased visibility, credibility, and followers, it’s also pretty cool to be featured there.

They Will Mark You as an Amateur Forever. Here’s What to Do Instead. Producers, journalists, and editors never forget. Avoid these common mistakes so that you become a welcome resource giving you additional, frequent coverage for your business, product, service, or cause.

The Top Media No No's

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A compelling speaker and in-demand teacher, Joanne is unlike other media mentors. She stays on the cutting edge of trends and changes taking place within the industry, and helps you do what is necessary to take advantage of these changes. As a master trainer in NLP, she can help you cut through whatever might be holding you back — even at an unconscious level. Working with her will help you to become visible fast.

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