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For authors, speakers, consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs, influencers, and thought leaders who want to look confident, poised, focused, and skilled every time they are on-camera doing a media interview, creating a video, or doing their next “live.”

Have You Ever Asked Yourself . . .

  • How can I generate compelling and influential media and influence others?
  • How can I get coverage on the top media brands that I really want to be on?
  • How can I come across as the expert I am?

Joanne McCall is a publicist and media trainer who has worked with many of the best, including Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, Richard Bandler, Geneen Roth, Dave Ramsey, Andrea J., Lee, Charlie Gilkey, Mark Silver, James Mapes, and many, many others.

Her new book, Media Darling: Shine Through Every Interview, is a step-by-step guide containing all the tools you need for media success. It will answer your questions and help you on your way to becoming a poised, effective Media Darling.

Media Darling: Shine Through Every Interview is a must-read for anyone who wants to create, deliver, and stay on message with the media. With her exceptional know-how, Joanne McCall helps you get it done.”
Richard Bandler
Co-founder of NLP and author of Thinking on Purpose

What You Will Learn

This book is a step-by-step guide to becoming a Media Darling and contains the tools needed to succeed. This is about coming across as the amazing influencer you know you are (or could be) and doing it in such a way that those watching you know you are too.

Early Reviews

“As a long-time radio host, I am always delighted when one of Joanne McCall's clients is booked because I know we will have a great show. Steeped in the insights and wisdom that Joanne shares in Media Darling: Shine Through Every Interview, they are reliably outstanding guests, mentored by Joanne to express themselves confidently, clearly, and interestingly.”
John Erickson
News Director and Morning Show Co-Host on iHeart Media
"Read, heed, and lead your visibility with this dangerously-powerful wisdom! At last, a treasure I trust 100% in the too-often dog-eat-dog world that is publicity." 
Andrea J. Lee
Author of We Need to Talk and Multiple Streams of Coaching Income
"Media interviews are pivotal in getting your best work to the people who need it. In this wonderful book, Joanne demystifies what it takes to land and nail them—from winning the inner to making a plan to preparing for the interview so you shine. Get this book, practice its insights, and become the media darling hosts are looking to showcase." 
Charlie Gilkey
Author of Start Finishing and Founder/ CEO of Productive Flourishing and Momentum
"In this era of instant fame and viral publicity, we all need an experienced sherpa to get us through it. Those mistakes you make? The Internet will not forget them, and they can cost you big time. Joanne McCall is the seasoned guide we all need. Her decades of PR and media polishing, including her stints as a radio and podcast host and producer, have baked in her authority in the field. This book is loaded with her wisdom. I'll be referring back to it for years to come. Excellent advice!" 
Suzanne Falter
Author of The Extremely Busy Woman’s Guide to Self-Care
"Joanne McCall is one of the most gifted and experienced media publicists you will ever encounter. She captures and shares the best of her eye-opening stories and insights from years of helping people achieve success with media. This is a must-read book for anyone striving to get reviews, feature stories, or conduct interviews with reporters, journalists, or editors with prime media or online influencers." 
Paul J. Krupin
Creator and Founder of Direct Contact PR and Presari

Book Details

With so many channels and media opportunities available, NOT getting media trained can really hurt you. Media Darling: Shine Through Every Interview packs on the actionable advice you need to be the Media Darling you want to be .

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Author: Joanne McCall
Genre: Media training and book publicity for authors, speakers, coaches, consultants
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ISBN-10 ‏: ‎ 1736095005
ISBN-13 : ‎ 978-1736095003

Media Darling Book Cover

About Joanne McCall

Joanne McCall

Joanne McCall’s is a media insider and trainer whose mission is to help clients deliver compelling interviews so they can get their messages out into the world in a big way.

She trains entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants on how to attract media, work with them once they land the interview, and finally helps them to deliver a fantastic interview. As a master practitioner of NLP, she helps those who want to expand their reach by embracing visibility and allowing big success into their lives.

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