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If you’re an entrepreneur, thought leader, small business owner, consultant, speaker, or coach who wants to play big, then you’ve come to the right place:

The Savvy Sunday Newsletter!

I designed Savvy Sunday because most savvy pros I know, myself included, take a peek at email over the weekend, usually Sunday afternoon or evening.

Some check it all day long from their mobile phones, while others choose to try to keep some separation between work and play. Either way, I have found Sunday afternoons to be a good time to send out these tips. The inbox tends to not be quite as full as it is during the week, so there is time to actually read it. I get how busy you are, and I take that to heart.

When you receive your Savvy Sunday Newsletter, feel free to comment back or ask questions. Who knows? Your question may be featured in an upcoming issue, and I always want to hear what you’re working on.

Again, welcome aboard.

To your success!




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