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The Secret Way to Get More Done

Hey, I see you’ve found your way to this secret, hidden page. I’m delighted you’re here.

Haha, I don’t mean to sound so mysterious. It’s just that I am not actively promoting this piece of my work on my website because it’s confusing to some people in terms of what I do. I have also found that exactly the right people are finding me without any advertising or marketing, so this way is better. You’re here after all.

I have a question for you:

Have you ever said you want something, yet every time you think about it or try to take action on it, you experience resistance?

I get it. I used to experience that fairly often.

Resistance. It comes in many forms and we’ve all felt it. Maybe it comes up when you sit in front of a blank computer screen knowing you have to create something fantastic right now, but rather than feeling motivated, you feel anxiety and wonder if you’ll be good enough. Maybe you feel it when you know you have to get up early tomorrow and if you fall asleep right now, you’ll get 6 hours. Or maybe it’s thinking about interviews you have coming up, or speeches you want to give…

Do you ever feel:

  • Like there is never enough time?
  • Like you have way too much to do?
  • You’re not good enough, creative enough, funny enough, relaxed enough, skinny enough, confident enough, powerful enough?

It doesn’t really matter what causes the resistance. The feelings you have inside are not helping you to get what you want and are in fact, causing it NOT to happen.

This is a bad plan and a bad idea, but what do you do?

What would it be like if you could:

  • Get into Flow State immediately when you want to
  • Stay out of overwhelm
  • Feel productive
  • Remove blocks to your amazing creativity
  • Access your inner brilliance right now
  • Market yourself and your work with joy
  • Have more confidence
  • Be amazing in front of any camera
  • Remember your key messages easily and quickly
  • Learn new things and learn them quickly
  • Think clearly
  • Have total recall
  • Live stress free
  • Relax and trust your unconscious mind…
  • Easily lose weight and make it fun??!
  • Fall asleep fast

As a publicist and media trainer, most people come to me for help in their business, usually by promoting their book and their business through exposure in the media. It was like discovering a secret combination when I discovered for myself the power of NLP (Neuro-Linguisic Programming) and hypnosis. I am a certified Master Trainer by the Society of NLP and a Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guide of Hypnotists.

The key is lining up your conscious desires, what you want, with your unconscious resources. When you do that, you have everything you need. When they aren’t lined up, that is called resistance. It’s when we fight with ourselves, and when you do that, you’re going to lose.

Are Ready to Get More Done?

If you’re ready to change that, I invite you to join me for a session. Let’s see what magic we can create in your life.



The ultimate paradox: The way to get more done is to relax.

See you soon,



About Joanne McCall

Joanne McCall has been a media insider, trainer, and publicist for over two decades helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and authors to become media darlings. That, along with her interest in optimized human performance, came together when she discovered that certain simple, yet powerful techniques made all the difference for her clients who wanted more –more attention, more visibility, more media, more money, more access to their own inner creativity, more peace and more joy. Whether their blocks pertained to a fear of speaking before an audience in a large room, on television or live stream, or to a feeling of overwhelm when looking at all the items on a “to-do” list, or to wrestling with the resistance that pops up when something important needs to get done, it was cleared using simple, appropriate NLP techniques and a little hypnosis. McCall’s clients all have a special message to get out into the world, and these simple changes made a profound difference allowing them to shine as they tap into more of their true, relaxed, and passionate selves. But it isn’t only for their work in the world that people call on McCall; some want to experience better sleep, less stress, have more confidence and learn new things quickly and easily. Joanne helps them to embrace their own greatness. You can learn more here.

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