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How to Get More Media by Joanne McCall

Authors ask me all the time, “How can I get more visibility and media exposure?” I get email, and I am questioned publicly on social media, in DMs, and at in-person events. It is with this in mind I am writing today’s post.

8 strategies to increase your media exposure

Reach out: Reach out now to podcast hosts, journalists, columnists, producers, and bloggers for interview opportunities. As Nike says, “Just do it.” You want to get interviews scheduled and when it comes time to deliver, give information generously.

Collaborate: Collaborate with others in your field. Offer a free gift for their network of folks who are interested in what you have to offer. It could be in a Facebook group, in email lists, and on thank-you pages.

Launch “YOU”: Launch your own personal media platform. Consider starting a YouTube channel, podcast, blog, or any other format that aligns with your passions, and then be sure to commit to it consistently. Research the time involved for each platform so that when you decide to go for it, you are all in.

Leverage: Leverage your existing network. Look for opportunities to engage with and utilize your connections effectively. You are already connected with them. How many are in the media? Who has a podcast or blog you could be a part of? Figure out how to make it work for both of you.

Facilitate: Facilitate connections within your network by introducing your contacts to others they might want to meet, enhancing your reputation as a supportive and generous individual. Just doing good deeds for the sake of doing good deeds is worthwhile. It’s icing on the cake that often these gestures come back to you tenfold.

Issue Press Releases: When you have newsworthy announcements, distribute press releases to media outlets. Ensure your press releases are compelling, newsworthy, and sent to the appropriate media contacts. Keep in mind that press releases are different from pitch letters. You DO NOT use these interchangeably.

Leverage Awards and Recognitions: Apply for awards and recognitions within your industry. Winning or even being nominated can provide a reason to reach out to the media and can be used as a tool for getting more coverage.

Networking: Actively network with media professionals at events, online, and through mutual connections. A personal relationship can make it more likely for your pitches to be accepted. This strategy has worked like gold for me, so try it.

Bottom line

The journey to amplifying your media exposure involves a blend of outreach, collaboration, innovation, and strategic networking. Each of the strategies outlined today is designed to not only boost your visibility but also to solidify your reputation as a knowledgeable and resourceful figure. Remember, consistency is key. By regularly engaging with these approaches, you’re bound to see a significant increase in media attention. So, dive in, apply these tactics, and watch as the world begins to take notice.

To your success!


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P.P.S. I do want to say Happy Easter to anyone who is celebrating the season!






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