Three Reasons Authors Aren’t Getting the Media Coverage They Want

Three Reasons Authors Aren't Getting the Media Coverage They Want

In today’s over-saturated media landscape, many authors find themselves struggling to gain the attention they desire. This lack of media visibility can be attributed to several factors, including the sheer volume of content competing for limited space and the ever-evolving algorithms that dictate what gets seen and what doesn’t. Of course, when it comes to more traditional earned media opportunities, you are not dependent on algorithms, which is why it is so desirable now.

And while this challenge of getting earned media is real, it is not impossible. It is absolutely doable. I do it for my clients every single day, and I can help you do it too.

Three Reasons You’re Not Getting the Media Attention You Desire

You are Not Unique
I don’t mean unique in your actual topic. After all, books about relationships, money, health, sex, food, and fitness will always be popular. The problem is that many authors fail to distinguish and present their work in a way that captures the interest of both the media and potential readers. They don’t have a unique hook or a unique story. They haven’t pitched it in a way that has the media person begging to know more.

A good example of this is a very common pitch about going from “surviving to thriving.” When producing the podcast, I get that particular pitch at least 5 times a week and they all sound the same. You may have a common topic but you must find a way to say it differently and make it uniquely your own so that it stands out and the media person gets it.

You are Not Succinct
“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”
― Mark Twain

Forget the longer letter. Who has time to read them anymore? Media folks have even less time. You must be able to get to the point and get to the point fast. Rather than starting a pitch with, “How are you? I hope the summer is going well for you,” begin with the hook. Start with the meat of it. Forget the old idea that you have to build up to the climax of a story. Start with the climax first thing! Then fill in the rest, but still keep it short.

You have No Targeted Strategy
Without a targeted strategy, authors often find themselves casting a wide net, hoping to capture any available attention rather than honing in on specific, high-impact opportunities. A targeted strategy involves understanding and identifying the precise audience and media outlets that align with your book’s genre, themes, and unique selling points. Many authors overlook this crucial step, resulting in marketing and publicity efforts that are too broad and unfocused.

Bottom Line

While today’s media landscape is crowded and challenging, earning media attention is far from impossible. The key lies in avoiding 3 common pitfalls: not being unique, not being succinct, and not having a targeted strategy that aligns with your book’s specific audience and media outlets. By addressing these areas, you, too, can become the next Media Darling. Let me know if I can help.

To your success!


P.S. Time for an update on the coast-to-coast bike ride called Pedaling to End Poverty, led by author and professor Mike Glauser. Our work at McCall Media Group is to line up media interviews as they make their way across the country from coast to coast on bikes. These video links are given to the media who want to know more, and I want to share them with you, too! This video is from the beautiful state of Oregon.





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