Three Reasons Why Media is Ghosting You and What to Do About It

Author Feels Like She's Being Ghosted By Media

Last week, I shared with you why some authors are not getting the media coverage they want. If you missed it, you can read about it here.

As you know, gaining attention for your book and your expertise can be daunting. To stand out, you need a unique pitch, to be succinct, and have a targeted strategy. However, even with these elements in place, you may still find media outlets ghosting you, so let’s break this down.

Three reasons why media is ghosting you

You’re Not Sending Anything New Beyond Your First Pitch: Media professionals are bombarded with pitches daily. It isn’t enough nor is it smart to continuously resend the same pitch. If you don’t follow up with fresh angles, updates, or new insights, your initial pitch can easily be forgotten. Each time you reach out, you want to provide new content or perspectives to keep your story relevant and top-of-mind.

You Aren’t Including Links to Other Stories or Interviews You’ve Done: Providing links to previous media coverage or interviews establishes your credibility and shows that you’re a valuable source. It gives media professionals confidence that you can deliver compelling content and that others have found your work newsworthy. Listen, no one has to take a chance on anyone anymore, so you must give them a good look at what you can do.

You Haven’t Shown Why You Are a Good Fit for Them: A generic pitch doesn’t resonate with anyone. Tailor your approach to each media outlet, demonstrating why your story aligns with their audience and interests. Explain your own credibility and why you are the one they should be talking to. Highlighting both of these things shows that you’ve done your homework and makes it easier for them to see the value in covering your story.

Bottom line

While breaking through the noise in today’s media landscape requires effort and strategy, understanding why the media might be ghosting you is crucial. By continually offering new content, including links to past coverage, and clearly demonstrating why you’re a perfect fit for their audience, you can significantly increase your chances of getting the attention you deserve. Persistence, relevance, and a tailored approach are key to ensuring your story gets the media coverage it merits.

Are there other reasons? Yes, of course. I will be highlighting more problems along with their solutions soon. And if I can help you with your media planning and outreach, contact me here.

To your success!


P.S. Here’s another update on the coast-to-coast bike ride called Pedaling to End Poverty, led by author and professor Mike Glauser. Today they appeared on KAKE-TV in Wichita, Kansas. So far they have raised $550,000 in donations to end poverty! Check it out here!






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