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Media Interviewing Like a Pro

Booking Media Interviews

When it comes to book publicity and marketing, asking the right questions makes it much easier. If you have a book and you want more visibility, then gaining exposure through the power of media is

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Flower Growing Out of Dry Earth


When it comes to book publicity and marketing, resilience is a requirement We all know what the word “resilient” means, but what exactly is the definition in the dictionary? Let’s look… Re·sil·ience  /rəˈzilyəns/  Noun The

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Truth button cheerleader pom-pom

Daring… or Desperate?

When it comes to Book Publicity and Marketing, Know the Difference There is a huge difference between being perceived as adventurous and daring—a good thing, and looking desperate—not a good thing. If you’ve been with

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Dworkin and Dr Oz

Be Generous… and Don’t Worry

You Can’t Give Too Much Away in Book Publicity and Marketing It’s easy to fall into: Fear. As human beings we can be very creative in what we will worry about, but sometimes it just

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Top Ten Book Publicity and Marketing Mistakes

Mistake #10: Focusing Only on the Numbers We’ve talked about this before, quite recently, in fact. Focusing only on platform numbers creates desperation; An obvious neediness that causes others to avoid you like the plague.

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