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How to Not Suck on Camera

First, if the Coronavirus and Covid-19 have touched you, your family or friends directly, then you have my deepest concern and warm thoughts. If you’re looking for emotional support, you might want to check this

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Be Smart & Creative with Book Publicity

Covid-19, the illness created by the Coronavirus is dominating the news cycle and people’s minds these days, and with good reason. We are in the midst of a pandemic and we don’t yet know how

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Studio Control Board

DIY Media Coverage for Authors

If you’ve been reading Savvy Sunday News for awhile or you’re a member of my Media Book Camp (MBC), then you know I am all about authors learning to become their own publicists. MBC is

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Empty TV studio set

The Media Mindset

Photo Credit: Joanne McCall Creating a media mindset is like preparing for any other important project, whether it’s getting ready to climb up a mountain (nice metaphor, don’t you think?), preparing for a vacation, taking

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Powell's Bookstore Book Event

On the Ground Book Launches

We’ve talked extensively about book launches in Savvy Sunday News, particularly online launches with affiliate partners, networks and communities. Now, let’s take a look at “On the Ground Book Launches” and why they’re important. I

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