April Fools’ Day!

Did you hear the news? Tim Ferris has been pushing this for quite some time now, and corporate America has officially gone to a 4-day work week!

Really?!! That’s great!

Not so fast…

April fools’!

Yes, April Fools’ Day is upon us. A time when all kinds of pranks are played in many parts of the world. But the big question is, where did the idea of April Fools’ Day come from?

No one knows for sure, but there are a number of theories. You can read about them here.

When I was a kid, I remember switching the caps from the salt shaker to the pepper shaker and vice versa. My mom was not thrilled with that one. “April fools’, mom! Love you. Please don’t be mad.”

As we do every month, it’s time to explore some special dates coming up in April so you can plan to take advantage of the opportunity for your book.

Here are some of those special events:

April is National Month of Hope. Could there be a better time for this? We all need hope in our world, which seems especially complex these days. April is all about celebrating the power of hope — the belief that things will work out, especially when it seems otherwise.

There are many other great opportunities to make your book newsworthy, including:

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are countless good causes to tie into and ways to make your book newsworthy again. You simply have to be creative and give it some thought. Good luck!

To your success!


P.S. You’re just a Lovefool!

P.P.S. And for those who are a little more country…






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