Daring… or Desperate?

When it comes to Book Publicity and Marketing, Know the Difference There is a huge difference between being perceived as adventurous and daring—a good thing, and looking desperate—not a good thing. If you’ve been with me for a while then you may have heard me describe myself as a cross between a cheerleader and a…

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Be Generous… and Don’t Worry

You Can’t Give Too Much Away in Book Publicity and Marketing It’s easy to fall into: Fear. As human beings we can be very creative in what we will worry about, but sometimes it just simply isn’t necessary. And it isn’t good for your health either. As I’m media training or setting up interviews for…

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Timing: In Book Marketing & Publicity, Knowing What to do When is Critical

Someone once said, “Timing is everything,” and I couldn’t agree more. Whether you are doing your own publicity and marketing, or working with your publicist on doing so, timing is critical, and that means you must be organized. I heard that groan. Not everyone loves what it takes to be organized, I understand. But I’ll…

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