What Freebies Authors Can Share During Media Interviews

Freebies You Can Offer During Media Interviews by Joanne McCall

I am asked lots of questions about book publicity and marketing, which covers a lot of territory. For example, clients often ask me what kind of resource or opt-in gift should they offer during their media interviews?

This depends on a couple of things:

  1. What kind of media are you doing?
  2. What is already working for you?

Generally speaking, and keeping in mind that media has for the most part integrated now, if you’re doing more traditional media, then more traditional forms of giveaways make more sense. If you’re doing podcasts or other online media, then they will want you to give something that requires an opt in. That said, let’s be a little more specific:

When doing radio, TV, or print interviews, you’ll want to give away free items that are easily accessible, such as a copy of your book, for example. This can be for a certain number of people determined ahead of time, and then they can be directed as to where to get their copy.

Free resources are also an option, perhaps a quiz, or your blog, a private Facebook group, or maybe a specific piece of content that you shared on social media, etc.

For online media outlets such as podcasts, they’ll want you to have something for that audience that typically requires potential customers to opt in. This might be a free video series, a toolkit, webinar, or downloadable cheat sheet.

You want to pick something that makes the most sense based on why you’re doing interviews, who you’re doing them with, and who the audience and your potential customers or clients are.

Either way, your goal should always be to give away helpful content that leaves them wanting more and wanting to buy your book.

More opt-in options for you to consider

Ebook or Sample Chapters: Offer a free ebook, a sample chapter, or even the first few chapters of your book to entice readers and give them a taste of your writing style. (This used to be a very powerful method that I have found has lost its appeal over recent times. I am keeping it on this list as an option, but just understand it doesn’t have the pull it once did.)

Checklists and Guides: Create downloadable checklists, worksheets, or step-by-step guides related to writing, publishing, or book marketing.

Book-related Printables: Design printables like bookmarks, bookplates, or posters featuring quotes from your books.

Author Q&A or Interview: Share a recorded or written Q&A session where you answer questions about your books, your work, and how you help those in the audience.

Book Club Kit: Create a book club kit with discussion questions, author insights, and additional resources for readers who want to explore your work with others.

Author Toolkit: Compile a resource list of tools, software, or websites that can help writers and authors in their creative and publishing endeavors.

Discounts and Promotions: Offer special discounts or promotions on your books or merchandise, exclusively for subscribers.

Audio Content: Share audio recordings of you reading excerpts from your books or discussing tips and tricks related to your subject matter.

Interactive Quizzes: Create fun and interactive quizzes or surveys related to your book’s content.

Email Courses: Develop a short email course on a relevant topic, with each lesson delivered over a few days or weeks.

Behind-the-Scenes Insights: Provide a glimpse into your writing process, research, or the making of your business through videos, photos, or written content.

Resource Lists: Curate lists of recommended books, websites, or tools that would benefit your readers.

Exclusive Access: Offer early access to upcoming releases, cover reveals, or sneak peeks to keep subscribers engaged.

Webinars or Live Events: Host webinars or live events discussing your book’s topic. Give great information to your readers so that they will see you as a true thought leader.

Templates: Share templates that will help your readers in their lives and/or work.

Infographics: Create visually appealing infographics on writing tips, genres, or interesting facts about your books.

Bottom line

There is no shortage of opt-in gifts and resources you can create for your readers. Remember, when choosing one, consider your target audience and what would genuinely interest them. The key is to offer something of value that aligns with your author brand and encourages readers to subscribe or connect with you. The list above certainly isn’t exhaustive but it will hopefully give you some great ideas.

To your success!


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