Authors: Do 5 Things Every Day to Promote Your Book

Do 5 things every day to promote your book

It is January 2024, and we are well into a brand new year. Many authors have made New Year resolutions committed to promoting their books. And this is a good thing. There is something about the freshness of a new year that makes things alive and new again.

Years ago, I had the honor and pleasure of working with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, the power duo behind the entire Chicken Soup for the Soul brand.

While it seems like that series of books has been around forever, they started from scratch just like the rest of us do, and since the new year is a time of new beginnings, it is a good time to visit strategies that have worked for others to see if they will work for us as well.

I learned some things from Jack and Mark that I would like to share with you today in hopes it may help fuel your own journey.

One tip they had was the following:

Do five things every day to promote your book.

Five things. That’s it.

We human beings can make things complicated if we want to. We can plan and decide on all kinds of actions to take, and that is all fine. It’s good. But, beyond all of the plans and campaigns, visions and designs, make sure you’re doing five things.

They can be anything as long as it has to do with your book, including:

    • Something as simple as reaching out to a media person who writes on your topic and pitching a story or show idea.
    • Dropping a book in the mail to someone who might write a review for you.
    • Reaching out to someone you admire and respect on social media and introducing yourself.

Other, broader ideas include:

Social Media Engagement: Each day, post content related to your book on social media platforms. This can include excerpts, quotes, images, or behind-the-scenes glimpses of your writing process. Engage with your followers by responding to comments and messages. Tailor your content to different platforms for maximum reach. Now it could be that your five actions all involve social media. That’s fine.

Networking with Authors and Bloggers: Connect with other authors and bloggers in your genre. You can do this by commenting on their posts, participating in online forums, or reaching out directly for collaboration opportunities like blog exchanges or joint promotions. We all need friends. It’s through collaboration that big things can happen. Reach out to five of them in one day, or it could be only one. Then pick four other actions you’re going to take.

Email Marketing: Send out daily or regular emails to your mailing list. These can include updates about your book, personal stories, exclusive snippets, or insights into your writing journey. Building a personal connection with your readers can encourage word-of-mouth promotion. Are you doing this? I am surprised by how often people tell me they have an email list, yet they never talk to the people on it! Write one email that can go out. That would be one of your five actions.

Seeking Reviews and Endorsements: Each day, reach out to potential reviewers, somewhere between one and five individuals. This can include sending copies to book bloggers, asking readers for reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, or contacting professionals for endorsements. Positive reviews can significantly boost your book’s visibility and credibility.

Local Community Engagement: Engage with your local community. This could involve arranging book readings or signings at local bookstores, libraries, or community centers, participating in local events, or even offering to speak at schools or clubs. Local engagements can build a strong foundational audience. Pick one of these possibilities each day, or reach out to five.

Bottom line

Jack and Mark call it The Rule of 5, and ever since they told me about it, I have taken it to heart. It’s a simple yet powerful method to keep you moving forward with promoting your book. Rather than getting overwhelmed with all the many things you could be doing in marketing, keep it simple.

Oh and one last thing. Be sure to commit to daily execution. Dedicate yourself to performing these five actions every day. Consistency is key. Do 5 things every day to promote your book, and see how much progress you have made by the end of the month, and then the end of this year!

If you want help putting a strategic plan together for the new year, I can help. You can reply to this email or contact me here.

To your success!


P.S. Do 5 things. Every day. Limitless productivity.






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