Book Publicity & Marketing During a Pandemic

I hope this finds you and your family safe and well as we continue to travel uncharted territory. If you have your health, you have everything, and while life may be difficult and challenging right now, good health allows us to make everything else possible.   

It may seem that the world has stopped, but when it comes to media coverage, that is hardly the case, and I’m saying that from personal experience. Work has not stopped here, and the demand for interviews has actually increased. This is an opportunity for authors who can speak to this pandemic, as well as other media opportunities, which I’ll get into later. 

As we’ve been saying here for a few weeks now, media is looking for stories. If you’re an expert with a book that addresses current topics related to Coronavirus and COVID-19 in some way,  then media will be interested in you.

Much of what we see during newscasts is the hard news of the day. These are the stories that cover the virus and everything around it as shared by health experts, government officials, those on the front lines, etc. The news is constantly changing and being updated so, in addition to those I’ve already mentioned, experts in business, parenting, health, and self-help are also in demand. For example:

Business authors and experts

Business authors and experts are discussing the following: Technology and how it may help us moving forward, how to manage a workforce under these new conditions, building trust and a feeling of belonging on your team when you’re all working remotely, handling anxiety and fear among workers, what leadership is going to do through all of this, moving from in-person meetings to all virtual meetings and what that entails, and, of course, money: How to pay employees, vendors, and the cost of doing business in general. Will businesses make it through this? I have clients who speak to this and believe me, they’re busy. Oh, and rather than scheduling in-studio appearances, we’re proposing Skype and Zoom interviews and that is helping to secure them.

Self-Help Authors

There are lots of different pitches and angles for interviews, including how to manage fear and anxiety, how to create healthy coping habits, how to focus on self care, how to help your kids through a pandemic, how to build relationships in an age of social distancing, among many other topic ideas. 

Other Experts

Psychologists, education experts, health experts, relationship experts, and others are especially in demand now. If you fit one of those categories, be thinking about what you can share with others during interviews to help them navigate this new territory. 

Not an expert in these categories?

Everyone can be working on building their social media presence and platform, writing their next book, planning for later in the year, and even cleaning the office. 

When you need a break

 Remember, a little escapism during a pandemic is necessary, and I would actually start a pitch that way. If you have a novel or some other book and topic that doesn’t lend itself to current news in any way, there is ample opportunity for you too, i.e., lists and roundups to be included in, as well as placing book excerpts. Children’s books are definitely in demand as parents look for inspirational messaging and educational components for their kids. 

Even during times of crisis, there are many media outlets that do not cover hard news and prefer to stay within their own particular format. April is coming right up, so if you can tie your book and its message into one of the topics below, you may well be able to get some publicity. 


And on another note, during this time of sheltering in place, you could learn something new. See the link in the P.S. below.

Above all else, thinking of you and your family and sending you safe and warm thoughts. We will get through this, and we will be all the better for it. (Even though it may not seem like it at the moment…it’s true.) We’re in this together.

To your success!


P.S. 50 things you can learn on YouTube while you’re hunkering down. Check them out!









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