December’s Dark Days Can Offer Light

Before we get into the meat of today’s Savvy Sunday News, I want to make sure you saw last week’s edition, New Rules for Interviews. It included a lot of actionable tips for doing interviews with television programs from your home or office. It generated a lot of response, not only about the tips, but about another popular platform called Zoom. is my favorite online platform for face-to-face interactions, and I’ve been using it with all my clients for the last 3 or 4 years now. Because pretty much anyone is media now — for personal blogs, podcasts, and more — will want to connect with you for an interview via Zoom.

In my post last week, I centered on top-tier and secondary-tier media, mainly newsrooms. The aggressive marketing strategy and tactics from Skype has infiltrated the newsrooms quite successfully so that is the preferred platform of many. So while I didn’t mention Zoom specifically, the tips I gave in last week’s Savvy Sunday News apply to it as well, so feel free to look at those tips through that lens, and thanks again to those who reminded me of this.

Now, on to today’s Savvy Sunday News.

The calendar continues to move ahead and Thanksgiving is now behind us. Most of us have survived Black Friday, and Cyber Monday is looming. We are officially into December with the holidays in full swing. What are some ways for you to tie into the calendar to be newsworthy?

December is:

  • National Write a Business Plan Month Perfect for some business books, especially with New Year’s on the horizon.
  • Operation Santa Paws Many of our four-legged friends need a home this holiday season.
  • National Car Donation Month Tips to be sure you’re giving to a real charity and not being scammed.
  • National Tie Month Three ways to tie your tie…and the dimple! I’m not sure why this is in December, except perhaps if you’ll be attending something formal and you or your partner need to tie a tie.
  • National Hand-Washing Awareness Month Gross, but effective. (30 seconds of this would have been enough.) If you have a book on health and preventing common illnesses, this is the time to talk about it. Flu season is here, after all.

There are other dates to tie into which I talk more about here.

Some people decide to take December off from book promotion, speaking, webinars and whatever else. This is fine if it’s time for a break and some rejuvenation, but if you find yourself doing it because you figure no one else will be around, well, that is simply not the case: I am challenging that belief, which is something I love to do.
We’ve all heard it. “There’s no point looking for a job in December,” or “There’s no point promoting my business or my book in December. Everyone is in holiday mode. It won’t work. Might as well wait until the New Year.”

I have tested this myth more times than I can count, and it is just that: a myth. Here are just a few of my results:


The media doesn’t shut down

That 24/7 news cycle is always happening, whether it’s Hanukkah, Christmas, the Winter Solstice or any other holiday. Producers, editors, journalists and others still have a job to do, so December can actually be a very productive time if you don’t assume it isn’t.

People still attend webinars and other online events

I once did a webinar on December 23, two days before Christmas, and everyone told me I was nuts and that “No one would attend because everyone is taking time off with family.”

They may be working less and spending more time with family, but that webinar on December 23 was by far the most successful online event I’ve done to date, both in terms of attendance and sales. My theory is that even though people are spending time with family, they still have their own interests. There also aren’t as many distractions, believe it or not, because so many others decided “no one else is working in December.” My invitation could be seen and acted upon, and it was great!

People do respond, even at times when you think they won’t

“There’s no point contacting media on a Friday or the day before a holiday. They’re not going to answer.” Actually, I have found that to be one of the best times for reaching people. They’re trapped at their desks. They want to go home. The clock says they can’t yet, but they don’t want to get into some big project. That is the time to strike. They are almost always grateful to hear from you, which is a nice added surprise. They need to at least look like they’re working and they tend to be open to new ideas.

My point in all of this is that if you want to take December off, that is wonderful. If, however, you are in book publicity and marketing mode, you can be quite successful during the month of December, no matter what others might tell you. Good luck!

To your success!

P.S. Christmas carols in a minor key are very different. Check out my friend Chase Holfelder and All I want for Christmas is You.

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