How To Inspire Yourself and Others While Promoting Your Book

While some authors have absolutely no problem shouting from the rooftops about themselves and their books — sometimes to an extreme — it is far more common for authors to actively resist falling into that loud-mouth category and therefore do nothing or make a half-hearted attempt that soon falls by the wayside. They simply have no idea how to elegantly promote themselves on their blog and amplify via social media in a way that not only inspires readers, but themselves as well. To me, that is what it’s all about.

I thought it might be fun today to explore some more ways to do this. And for additional tips on how not to be a blowhard, look here.

When you decide to share the media hits you’re landing, how exactly do you do that? What do you talk about? How do you frame it so that you come across as the professional you are, and not someone who is oblivious to the social graces — and yes, there are social graces online.

For anyone who has a book launching soon, what should you be talking about now? Or, maybe your book is already out. How do you keep the momentum moving forward?

Let’s look at the first scenario:

Your book will be launching sometime within the next six months. What should you be talking about now?

Here are some ideas

  • How about sharing with your networks all the “behind the scenes looks” at the writing process? How does your process work? What do you do every morning, midday, afternoon, and evening? Do you have a morning routine? What have you learned through the entire process of writing a book? Many people will find this very interesting so share it with them.
  • Another fruitful topic can be to share all the struggles you faced trying to get your book written and published. It might be the discipline of sitting down at your laptop each and every day at the same time, even when what you really wanted to do was clean out the refrigerator. (Isn’t that what we do when we procrastinate?)
  • Blog about how you managed to find the time and energy to get your book finished. It is a huge accomplishment. It’s good for people to hear about the blood, sweat and tears that go into making our dreams come true, so tell them.
  • Writing the book is one thing. Selling it, promoting it, marketing it, and publicizing it is quite another thing. Share what you are going through.

If your book has been out awhile, you can still share from the list above, and you might consider some of the following:

  • The first and most obvious idea is to share all the great media you’re getting. Be sure to have links in your blog and in your social posts that will allow others to click and see the kind of coverage you’re receiving. For some, this can be a very successful and lucrative strategy for generating more business, and therefore sharing those links in your newsletter makes a lot more sense than on public social sites. For more on money-making strategies for your book, get a Media Strategy Session here.

Here’s the secret though. You don’t want to post links to coverage in a bragging way. You want to be far more elegant, sophisticated, and professional than that. It needs to be done in a more artistic way and here are some possibilities.

  • Compliment the journalist or producer but not in the same way most do. Rather than saying how much you love the show (which is nice, but we’re going for fabulous here), how about something like: “I really appreciated the insightful questions ____ asked about ____. You can tell they really get it.”

Now you’ve complimented the host or journalist if it’s a print interview. It also allows you to post it without coming across as a salesy blow hard. See how easy that was? What are some other ways you can do that? I’d love to know, so please feel free to share your ideas with me. It may make it into part two of this topic.

  • If there’s a part of the interview that was especially good, give the time stamp so that others can go right to that section. Yes, we want them to listen or read the whole thing, but the point of this is simply to show how caring and respectful of other people’s time you are, in addition to complimenting the host.
  • List something that surprised you about the interview, or any other point where you felt some emotion, including elation, confusion, frustration, happiness. Any emotion is going to get a response from others. Give the context and then include the timestamp.
  • Regarding time stamps, links or whatever, when you’re talking about something specific that people might want to learn more about or listen to or see, provide the link or time stamp to where they can find it. Make it easy for others. They will love you for it.
  • Create a book trailer. Book trailers come in all different shapes and sizes and budgets but good ones don’t have to be expensive. They can helpfully share what the book is about, come up when one does a search, and allow you to show media and others how you come across (if you’re in the trailer, of course). Providing something media and potential readers can easily go to and learn about you and your book is just smart. It doesn’t have to be all involved or overly produced, although it does need to be well done so that you look like the professional that you are.
  • Host a live event on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other platform on your launch day and talk about your book. Invite others to join you. People can join in real time or they can watch later.

There is so much you can do to talk about you, your book, your work, and your vision. And you can do it in a way that makes you feel good and proud of what you’re doing. There is no reason to feel self conscious anymore, and if you do it’s time to move beyond it. These platforms may change, but the whole approach is here to stay.

If you feel like you need a little more help, I do offer 15-minute sessions to answer questions. I’m happy to help or refer you to someone else if that makes more sense. Either way, let me know about it. I’ll send you the link.

To your success!


P.S.  Here’s a great way to elegantly blow your own horn. Herb definitely knows how to do it.



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