Attention and Visibility for Your Book and/or Business Can be Fun, Exciting, Exhilarating (and Frustrating)!

Times Square

Most don’t want to talk about the last part of that title, but it’s true. At times publicity and marketing can be frustrating and anxiety producing. Much like life…there are the highs and the lows…

If your book’s message is timely and you have a killer pitch, you’re going to get media coverage. Sometimes A LOT of attention, so you have to be ready for that. Success = attention + coverage + being busy.

Hiring a publicist does not take you out of the equation. I’ve actually had a client or two tell me they are too busy and want to just hand everything off to me, and while I can understand and appreciate that, here’s the deal: I can develop, create, and write great ideas and get them in front of the right people, but I am not you. You are the content expert, the celebrity, the star, and they are going to want to talk to you — sometimes at a moment’s notice. (If this isn’t clear to you, you’re going to feel frustrated.)

Just this week I had a situation that called for immediate attention. With the political situation the way it currently is, I have a client who we’ve positioned as “the voice of reason” and we’re getting quite a lot of coverage because of it (That and the billboard in Times Square helped…more on that later.). I had a New York TV station call me at 5:00 a.m. wanting my client on their 5 o’clock p.m. news later that day. Normally, this would be pretty straight forward. However, my client was on an airplane traveling from Denver to New York (which is a good reason to make sure someone knows all the minute details of your travel schedule including the minute you touch down.). By the time I got the OK to set it up, which wasn’t very long, the reporter had moved on and found another guest. I can understand this. I’ve worked in newsrooms and they move fast. Disappointing and a little frustrating, but sometimes the timing just isn’t quite right. The good news in this case is that we are on this reporter’s radar screen and he said he’d make it up to us. Hopefully, this will come true. I will continue to suggest story ideas to him so he remembers…

Bottom line: If you’re successful, you are going to be busy.

Second to the bottom line: Be available or make sure someone knows exactly when that will be.

On the other hand, you may have a hook and a message that you think everyone should jump on and yet all you hear are crickets. I feel your pain. It happens. The timing may be wrong, a pitch you thought was killer may leave others feeling cold, and sometimes just neutral, which is just as bad. Sometimes it’s because they just recently covered a similar story (HINT: The time to pitch a story idea is NOT just after you saw it covered on a particular outlet on your top 10 list.). This is when you go back to the drawing board and see if you can come up with some another angles, and then test them. You’ll know if you get the right one.

It’s hard to predict exactly what media will jump on. You can make some very well-educated suggestions and sometimes it will pay off. Other times, not so much, but at least it’s feedback. One thing we do know is that you can’t control what else is going on in the news. If there is a big story everyone is talking about, then unless you can jump on that bandwagon, you might have to wait a bit, or focus in on niche outlets that aren’t tied to news at all. (More on this- click here.)

When you have a very successful publicity outreach, you need to make sure you’re available. But here is the rub. Sometimes it takes awhile to create your big break. Sometimes you’re working very hard writing, building your platform, speaking and getting your message out there via your own networks and joint venture partnerships, wondering when things are going to hit with the bigger top-tier media outlets. Sometimes you may feel discouraged, or frustrated, feeling like it should have happened by now…and then all of a sudden in one big rush, it hits. You created the magic formula. You hit the tipping point. You discovered the secret sauce, and now everyone is interested. Be ready. This is when you have to be ready to jump. After waiting and waiting, you must be able to jump in and take action. If not, it is so easy for top tier media to go onto the next expert.

That’s why visibility and media attention is fun and exhilarating, and why it is sometimes frustrating. I’ll tell you what though. Landing a billboard in Times Square to run 4x an hour, every hour, throughout the month of February is GOLDEN!

If your subject and message is a timely one, then you must plan to be prepared for things to happen very quickly. Good luck!

To your success,


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