Media Expert Tip for Looking Great On Camera


Whether you are doing “Other Media” or “You Media” there are things you can do to ensure you come across at your very best while on camera. Today, I’m taking a look at webinars, Google Hangouts, and other online video opportunities. This also applies to any television interviews you may do.
When you are invited to be part of a panel discussion, for example, always assume you are on camera. Let’s say you’re participating in a Google Hangout. Up to ten people can be on camera in the hangout itself, but it can also be broadcast live so anyone anywhere can view you. The key is to assume you are ALWAYS on camera.

It is so easy to spot the amateur. He or she is the one who is obviously doing something else while the discussion is taking place. You know what I mean. Let’s say the moderator is talking to one of the 4 guests, what are the other three doing? Often they’re multitasking, maybe checking their Twitter feed, or they have some ridiculous look on their face because they disagree with what another panelist is saying, or they’re bored. Whatever the reason is, they have forgotten that they can be seen by anyone at anytime.

television anchorwoman at TV studioNow, I’m not saying you have to sit there with a pasted smile on your face. It is normal to show different emotions and makes you all the more human. However, I am addressing a point that I see ignored all the time: Assume you are on camera all the time and act accordingly.

Next time you’re watching a webinar or an interview taking place, notice the other participants. Do they look interested and engaged? Do they have energy? Do they smile–at least every now and then? These are the qualities you want to display when you’re on camera, whether it’s an interview with someone else, or you’re creating your own video.

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