Book Marketing and Publicity Countdown Checklist, Part 4

It’s one month prior to your book’s publication date. It’s getting very close now and you’re feeling the excitement and anticipation. This is when more action moves outward.   Email blast: It’s time to notify your editor and marketing department of the email blast date and number of recipients you will be contacting. If you’re…

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Looking Good on Camera When You’re an Author with a Book

I’ve heard it said that every one of us is within a couple of feet of a camera — sometimes multiple cameras. Stop for a moment and take inventory. Where is your phone? Where is your laptop, your iPad, your desktop? How many cameras are within arm’s reach? If you’re like most of us, cameras…

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How to Stand Out From Other Authors and Speakers and Attract Media Attention

    I’ve shared before about the importance of sound bites, and I’m coming back to that topic for two reasons: #1: It’s critical to understand them and create them #2: I’ve identified the speech patterns to play off of while creating your own sound bites. But before that, what exactly makes a good sound…

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