Publicity Strategies That Get Results

Publicity strategies that get results

I had the honor of delivering the closing presentation, Publicity Strategies that Get Results, at the Nonfiction Authors Writers Conference last Friday. It’s always exhilarating to engage with a group of enthusiastic writers and authors eager to learn about boosting their visibility and getting their books noticed.

I discussed a variety of strategies, and I’d like to highlight a few key ones here.

Strategy #1: Strengthen Your Inner Game: It’s important to understand the dual aspects of book publicity. It involves both an “inner game” and an “outer game.” The outer game includes all the tactical steps necessary to secure interviews, while the inner game involves managing your mindset—your fears, doubts, and even Imposter Syndrome.

Focus on what’s happening inside your mind. Are you plagued by negative self-talk or filled with positive affirmations? Become introspective and treat the media landscape as a puzzle to solve. This approach not only makes the journey enjoyable but also helps in effectively spreading the word about your book.

Strategy #2: Establish Yourself as an Expert and Thought Leader: A thought leader is recognized for their expertise and ability to influence trends through innovative ideas and insights. Begin by writing an exceptional book. Then, distinguish yourself from others in your field by emphasizing what makes you unique. Becoming a thought leader is a long-term commitment—it’s more of a marathon than a sprint.

Strategy #3: Leverage Podcasts: Podcasts are a natural platform for authors. Create your own podcast database by identifying and listening to shows that align with your topic. Personalize your pitches based on specific episodes you’ve listened to, and articulate clearly what you can offer their audience.

These insights are just a snippet of what was discussed during the conference. I look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks.

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To your success!


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