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Authors are always looking for ways to keep their books relevant after publication. I recently discussed how you should look for news hooks, culture hooks and calendar hooks for your pitches (see that blog post here). Today, I’m focusing on calendar hooks.

For example, Father’s Day is being celebrated today in much of the world. The following is a Father’s Day pitch created on behalf of my client, Rabbi Daniel Cohen, author of What Will They Say About You When You’re Gone? Creating a Life of Legacy.

Here it is:


Father’s Day is not only a day of barbecues and cool gifts, it’s also a day for dads to think about what it means to be a dad: How do we keep our most important legacy front and center every day?  How, as dads, can we be even better? We all know it isn’t just about giving our kids material things, although these kinds of gifts are nice, and necessary, but what really matters and what really makes a difference are experiences. What do we want our kids to remember about us? What memories do we want to create for them that will stay with them for the rest of their lives?

Top Ten Tips for Fathers in Honor of Father’s Day

(P.S. Mom’s love them too!)

To Inspire Optimism and Resilience in your Children

1. Teach them the Art of Failing forward:  Share with your children times in your life when you hit a roadblock and your response. Did you dwell in the disappointment or try to find a silver lining?  Your attitude, whether negative or positive, will be contagious and it’s the secret for life success.

2. Don’t Diminish but Discover: Our children make mistakes. Be as forgiving of them as you would yourself. Insure your criticism is constructive and focuses on the act and not on them. Mine for the gold in your child and do not dig for the dirt.

3. Celebrate Small Victories and the Journey: Let your kids know when one door closes, another door will open. Share a personal experience and help understand that each new day provides a new opportunity. Each morning we have this moment to choose life and get back on the road to success.

Cultivate Courage

4. Develop  the “good habit” muscle. Ask children about how they behave when no one is looking. Do they listen to their “inner voice” or do they ignore it and do something they’re not supposed to do, such as posting a snarky Facebook comment about someone else? Children need to be encouraged to listen to that inner voice. One good choice energizes another.

5. Bolster self-confidence. Talk with kids about the choices they’ve made in the past week that made them feel good inside. What helped them make those choices? Who inspires them and motivates them to be their best? Is it some music star or is it perhaps a grandparent or sibling? Help them realize that the testing ground for the heroic is the mundane. Each small decision shapes who they are and who they want to be.

Embrace Gratitude and Giving Back

6. Living with radical amazement and wonder: Keep a gratitude journal and encourage your kids to do so as well. Make it a habit to go around the table once a week and share a reason to be grateful. Do not repeat from one day to the next but find new blessings in our lives.

7. Do not make your children happy but teach happiness skills: Our role as parents is not to make our kids happy. If that were the case, we would give them whatever they wanted. Our responsibility is to teach them how to find happiness in whatever the circumstance. Teaching them that happiness is not dependent upon what happens to  them but how they see the world around them.

8. Practice the art of gratitude by paying it forward: Volunteer with your child. Model and anticipate acts of kindness. There is no substitute for a shared  experiences in giving back. The good feelings endure and also awakens a renewed appreciation for the blessings in our lives. Help the homeless, stock a food pantry, start a Harvest Now Garden, volunteer at an event, visit an assisted living, bake cookies for first responders…the opportunities are endless!

Joy and Creating Memories  – We do not remember days, we remember moments.

9. Try the “I’ll never forget exercise”: Write the words, “I’ll never forget…” on the top of a page and write down the moments in your life you will never forget. Why do these thoughts emerge? How can you create such moments for your children as well?

10. Never miss an opportunity to create memories:  Sometimes the most spontaneous expressions of love happen by playing with your children even   when you are busy, finding time for a walk or a “unplanned” fun event. They will be the ones that will live in their hearts forever. Your children may not remember what you say to them but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Bonus Tip:

11. Values are caught not taught: Be the best role model you can be.

Bottom Line:

“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.”


About Rabbi Daniel Cohen:

Rabbi Daniel Cohen is the father of six daughters, one grandson, and a popular motivator, mentor, and inspirational speaker, Rabbi Daniel Cohen’s unique blend of authenticity, humor, wisdom, and insight helps anyone better navigate contemporary society and lead a life of legacy. Rabbi Cohen has served in the rabbinate for over twenty five years and is the author of What Will They Say About You When You Are Gone? Creating a Life of Legacy. www.rabbidanielcohen.com


You see? You can create tips from your work and tie it into the calendar or news of the day. This is just one fantastic strategy for book publicity and marketing. And to all the dads reading this, Happy Father’s Day!

To your success!



P.S. Want to talk about ideas for your book’s outreach, messaging and positioning? That’s what I’m here for. Before you start pitching, it’s imperative to dial these things in. I am happy to help here.


P.P.S. The photo is of my friend, Patrick Combs, and his daughter.






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