The Month of December for Book Publicity

Warm drink on a cold day

December 2020 is just about upon us. I received a catalog in the mail the other day and it features lots of warm snuggly pajamas and robes with messages of relaxing and getting cozy at this time of year, and I thought, “Really? During a pandemic?

We’ve had plenty of time under quarantine and lockdown in front of screens wearing PJs in 2020, so I’m not sure this is the right campaign for this season.” Someone should have been more creative because most of us just want to get out, celebrate, and feel normal again!***

Which begs the question: How can we think more creatively about our own book campaigns? December brings winter and cold to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and it also brings new possibilities for making your book newsworthy. By tying into current events, you can answer that all-important question the media is asking when they consider doing an interview, “Why you, why now?”

For example: Did you know that December 1 is National Christmas Lights Day? If you have a book on yuletide traditions, the winter solstice, nature, or the seasons, then this day might be a good news peg. How you approach this is where creativity comes into play. “Hanging Christmas lights has been a tradition for many years, but have you ever wondered how that got started? And it isn’t the only tradition that has ancient roots…”

December also is the month for these topics

National Car Donation Month —  December is when you can donate an old car that you don’t use anymore and get that tax deduction for 2020. This might be a good tie in for a book on cars, or for anyone writing about taxes or saving money.

AIDS Awareness Month — December is a month set aside for generating awareness about a virus that is still in existence. It’s not the one we hear about consistently these days, and it would be a challenge to get coverage. However, without the December designation, it would be nearly impossible right now. If you have an appropriate topic, now is the time.

National Write a Business Plan Month — December is a great time for writing that business plan for 2021 and beyond. If you have a book on building a successful business or on entrepreneurship, then this is a good tie-in for you. Small Business Saturday was November 28th, so that may help pave the way. Unfortunately, many small businesses have disappeared in light of our recent difficulties, so this topic as it relates to building a new business, or keeping one afloat is very timely.

Operation Santa Paws — December 1 – 24 is when we’re all encouraged to remember our furry friends who have no home and are currently waiting for their forever families to find them in shelters across America. We’re asked to donate food and toys to shelters directly since during this time of Covid there won’t be any gatherings or volunteer events. If you have a book on pets or animals, you may be able to tie into this.

National Safe Toys and Gifts Month — This makes sense since December is the biggest gift-giving month of the year and many of those presents are toys. If you have a book aimed at parents, this might be a good opportunity for you.

Spiritual Literacy Month — This month, people are encouraged to read five books on light and faith as a way to celebrate December. It’s not about a particular religion, but is more about a sense of spirituality and mindfulness in our lives. Many people have written books on spirituality, self help, personal development, etc. Any of these may fit into this particular month. Again, creativity is key.

Celebrations and Traditions — Whether that’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the winter solstice, or any other December celebrations that I may have missed here, if you have a book that ties into any of these events, now is a natural time for you to get some attention.

There are some other topics that are compelling during the month of December, including:

  • How to celebrate during a pandemic?
  • Best Zoom holiday parties and how to make them fun
  • The most popular kids gifts this year
  • How to keep your family together during Covid, election fatigue, and other challenges
  • How to be joyful during the darkest time of year

And, let us not forget that December 7th is the National Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance. It’s easy to think that our current times are the worst in history, but past generations have had their own trials and tribulations. It’s good to remember this and honor them.

Bottom line

However you celebrate the month of December, I wish you love and joy and peace, now and throughout the upcoming New Year. Especially peace, not only with others around us, but inside ourselves as well.

To your success!


***I don’t want to minimize in any way the great losses that so many have suffered this year and will be dealing with for some time to come. We are dealing in very strange times indeed.

P.S. Wouldn’t it be something if there really was peace on Earth? Imagine…






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